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O2 Refresh: Inspired, innovative and available today

O2 UK has launched a new way of doing business for its contract (or “post pay”) consumers. It’s called O2 Refresh and it completely decouples the monthly service plan from the handset cost. With this approach you now choose your calling plan — which must be 24 months in length. You then select what phone […]

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Kudos to O2 for dumping chargers from mobile packaging

It’s about time, isn’t it? I’ve got ton of Micro USB chargers everywhere. So have you, if you’ve bought a few phones across the last few years. So why not dump them from the box? Here’s the overview from Pocket-Lint: O2 and HTC will begin selling a new, as yet unannounced, phone before the end […]

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O2′s 3-day compensation is good enough, I reckon

I see that O2 has now gone on record detailing how it plans to compensate those customers who had no network service last week as a result of that failure. You get 3 days worth of service credit (equivalent to 10% discount) if you’re a contract customer and a similar credit if you’re on PAYG. […]

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Update: I’ve cancelled both my O2 accounts

If you’ve been following my dilemma over my mobile phone accounts, you’ll know that last night I was giving substantial thought to whether to deactivate/continue/upgrade the various accounts I have with a number of UK operators. I was on the O2 website today and a “Can I help?” pop-up box appeared. I decided to give […]

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