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Kudos to O2 for dumping chargers from mobile packaging

It’s about time, isn’t it? I’ve got ton of Micro USB chargers everywhere. So have you, if you’ve bought a few phones across the last few years. So why not dump them from the box? Here’s the overview from Pocket-Lint: O2 and HTC will begin selling a new, as yet unannounced, phone before the end […]

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O2’s 3-day compensation is good enough, I reckon

I see that O2 has now gone on record detailing how it plans to compensate those customers who had no network service last week as a result of that failure. You get 3 days worth of service credit (equivalent to 10% discount) if you’re a contract customer and a similar credit if you’re on PAYG. […]

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Update: I’ve cancelled both my O2 accounts

If you’ve been following my dilemma over my mobile phone accounts, you’ll know that last night I was giving substantial thought to whether to deactivate/continue/upgrade the various accounts I have with a number of UK operators. I was on the O2 website today and a “Can I help?” pop-up box appeared. I decided to give […]

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