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Morgan Mullooly of Analysys Mason gives us a viewpoint on the EE/Ofcom/Vodafone spectrum debacle

Further to my earlier post, here’s some rather useful perspective from Analysys Mason’s spectrum specialist Morgan Mullooly. Ofcom’s decision is really rather startling – if not completely unexpected. Although Ofcom gave an initial informal knee- jerk head-nod to the proposal [to permit EE to use its 1800MHz spectrum for LTE] when it was first raised, […]

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Vodafone UK is “shocked” at the “careless disregard” of Ofcom on 4G spectrum

The team at Vodafone UK are seriously annoyed. Enough to use some rather emotive language when describing the behaviour of the industry’s regulator, Ofcom. What’s Ofcom done wrong this time? They’ve allowed Everything Everywhere (i.e. T-Mobile and Orange) to use their existing 1800 MHz spectrum for 4G services. The short story being that, theoretically, Everything […]

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After years of doing next to nothing, Ofcom finally wants 0800 numbers to be free from mobiles

I was pleased to come across this post from today’s Telegraph pointing out that Ofcom, the generally ineffectual UK telecoms regulator, has finally got the message. Here’s the overview: Calls to ‘freephone’ 0800 numbers currently cost up to 21p a minute from mobile phones, despite being free from BT landlines. Ofcom wants to make them […]

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Ofcom plans to open-up Whitespace in UK — good news!

Thank you to Steve Kennedy who sent in this overview of the developments going on in the whitespace spectrum segment of the industry that the geeks amongst us will certainly appreciate. Over to Steve: – – – – – Ofcom, the ‘super’ regulator that looks after broadcasting, radio, and telecoms amongt other things has made […]

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Ofcom overruled by Competition Commission

Ofcom was planning to reduce the termination charges of the UK MNOs to 5.1p per minute by 2010/2011. Now the Competition Commission have ruled the termination rate should be 4p (apart from 3 the 5th 3G operator who gets to chatge 4.4p). The Competition Appeal Tribunal passed the complaint to the Competition Commission after 3 […]

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WIN Plc and the 72 £1.50 text message bomb

Back in 2006, a MIR reader’s daughter got a text message. And another. And another. And woosh. Across what appeared to be a few minutes, she was text-bombed. Whether by mistake or by design, she ended up with a heck of a lot of premium rate texts being delivered to her handset. The reader describes […]

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4 in 10 of us have ditched our mobile provider

Watchdog Ofcom has been taking a look at how much we’re spending on telecoms these days and rather happily has discovered we’re paying less but actually getting more for our money – we’re paying about £1.50 less than we were last year on our communications – mobile, broadband etc – and about £4.30 less than […]

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UK needs age ratings for under-18 mobile content

Guess what? The mobile industry is actually doing something right for once. Yep, according to watchdog Ofcom, the system of self regulation operators have in place to stop kids getting their hands on adult material before they’re 18 is working out fine, although it did administer a gentle slap on the wrist over information: apparently […]

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O2 hits 80 percent 3G coverage at last

When operators bought their 3G licences back in 2000, they all promised to get coverage to 80 percent of the population by the end of last year. And they all managed it too – with the exception of O2, who got a bit of a slap on the wrist from the regulator after it missed […]

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Ofcom gives green light to mobiles on UK planes

If you’ve been reading the news about Emirates and Qantas’ launches of in-flight mobile access and wondering when such mile-high talk and text would be coming to the UK, Ofcom has the answer. The regulator has announced that it will permit mobiles in aircraft as long as the airline has the backing of either the […]

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