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The iPhone is Apple’s “Porsche 911″

Here’s an opinion piece from a senior, highly connected mobile industry insider, that I think deserves some exposure: – – – – – The iPhone is their 911. Porsche don’t redesign the 911, they would be mad to, they simply refine it, year after year. The Porsche 911 is a lovely car. You either want […]

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MIR’s Inner Circle members comment on the new iPhone 5

What do the industry insiders think of the Apple iPhone 5 launch? Let’s find out! I’m delighted to be able to bring you a series of ‘one sentence evaluations’ from the mobile industry’s senior executives, influencers and fanatics. As always I’ve just used first names and in some cases I’ve changed those first names to […]

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The Risku Manifesto: A radical plan to rescue Nokia

Following on from Tomi’s lengthy piece on Nokia (“Nokia’s fall from grace: The Background Story“), I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew Orlowski’s piece in today’s Register. Andrew interviewed a former senior Nokia Executive, Juhani Risku, who’s penned a ‘diagnosis of the company’ along with ‘some radical surprising solutions.’ It makes for a super read. A super read. […]

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Nokia’s fall from grace: The Background Story

Yesterday, Tomi Ahonen posted yet another magnum opus chronicling Nokia under Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo’s reign. It makes for absolutely compelling reading, especially — and I mean especially — if you’re drinking the Apple Koolaid, or if you are curious as to how Nokia was once regarded as an impregnable super-brand and now is effectively relegated to […]

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Fear the Googlepipe

The nice chaps at Mobile Entertainment magazine ran my ‘Fear The Googlepipe‘ opinion-piece yesterday morning. Did you catch it? It’s based on a post I did a little while ago about the launch of the arrival of the Nexus One and what that could mean for your common-or-garden mobile operator. I say ‘based’, but the […]

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Beyond The iPhone: A World of Opportunity

It’s getting a little bit silly now, dear reader. Ridiculously silly. We’ve had a good year now of mobile applications taking off, going ballistic. Now, though, it’s time for the industry to get real about the iPhone: It isn’t the only handset on the marketplace. The World Is Not Flat I understand that the iPhone […]

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First AT&T phone with Google Android will feature Yahoo search to annoy the hell out of every user

You have to smile when grown up executives who should know better sit back and make stupid decisions. The AppleInsider is reporting that…. Although Google makes the Android mobile operating system, the search giant’s chief competitor, Yahoo, will be the default provider on AT&T’s first Android-powered handset, due to be released March 7. Great. Talk […]

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