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Vodafone UK is “shocked” at the “careless disregard” of Ofcom on 4G spectrum

The team at Vodafone UK are seriously annoyed. Enough to use some rather emotive language when describing the behaviour of the industry’s regulator, Ofcom. What’s Ofcom done wrong this time? They’ve allowed Everything Everywhere (i.e. T-Mobile and Orange) to use their existing 1800 MHz spectrum for 4G services. The short story being that, theoretically, Everything […]

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Orange: The next mobile phone account I’m about to ditch

I’ve got an Orange contract account.  I’ve been perfectly happy with the service.  But I can’t tell the difference, nowadays. I think it was earlier this year when I suddenly realised that there was no direct benefit to me whatsoever operating multiple mobile operator accounts. For the longest time it’s been rather useful if I […]

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Orange announces New iPad is coming

Well then here’s the first of the UK mobile operator announcements on the all new Apple iPad. They’ve been forced (I imagine by Apple) to stay rather quiet about it up until now. So if you are rather frustrated to find Apple is [strategically] “out of stock” then buying from an operator might be an […]

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Good luck to Everything Everywhere’s Conor Maples

Conor Maples has led the Everything Everywhere charge into social media and done a phenomenal job of it. He’s got another role now — focusing only on social media (rather than a mix of PR/social) so he’s saying goodbye to his @conorfromorange account: Dearest Twitter, the time has come for me to say goodbye to […]

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Orange XBOX Lumia offer

Orange: Free XBOX 360 when you buy a Nokia Lumia 800

Have you been hearing about this deal from Orange? It’s been capturing the imaginations of quite a few normob (“normal mobile user”) friends and family. I’ve overheard people discussing it multiple times a day so — anecdotally at least — it’s certainly gathering a lot of attention. Here’s the offer: If you upgrade to the […]

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Great feedback on Orange’s Pocket Landline service

A little while ago I picked up some news from Orange about their new Pocket Landline service. It enables anyone to add a landline number to their account that will then redirect (at no additional charge) to your phone number. Great if you want to look local but you don’t want the hassle of managing […]

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