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Remember this one? Thanks to Steve Lichfield for the photo.

The background to Psion, Palm & Symbian

Andrew Orlowski over at The Register has written a monumental series on the history and background to Psion. It really is compelling reading for anyone even slightly curious about the heritage of Symbian and developmental stages of Psion. In today’s fast-paced smartphone world, it is rather useful to take a bit of time out to […]

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HP’s new rock on the horizon – the Topaz

After the recent monstrosity that was the Slate, HP’s new attempt on the tablet market is the “Topaz”. The specs released recently (see this link) do not impress me to say the least, however there are certain interesting features. This device should have been released to the market yesterday, but instead it’s still in concept […]

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Would anyone like to buy Palm? Anyone? Hello…?

We’ve been rather forthright about Palm in recent months here at Mobile Industry Review. Indeed most recently, I posed the question Are we ready to declare the Palm Pre dead in the UK & Ireland. And so Bloomberg reports this morning that, well, yes, Palm is dead. Not just the Pre, but the company. Kaput. […]

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Mr Operator: Vindicated on the Palm Pre European Failure

I had a note in from Mr Operator — our super-high level mobile industry executive contributor. Here is what his email said: Saw your Palm Pre coverage, Ewan – Remember this? Mr Operator: Palm Pre – destined for European failure Heh. Mr O. That post he’s highlighted is a column he wrote published back in […]

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Are we ready to declare the Palm Pre dead in the UK & Ireland?

I’ve been reading and participating in the discussion that followed our post on Friday (“Palm Pre has apparently sold just 220 units in Ireland“) and i was surprised not to have heard from the Palm Pre fans. Amongst the 250,000 strong audience there are fans, defenders (and often product managers!) of all manner of devices […]

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Palm Pre has apparently sold just 220 units in Ireland

You know things aren’t going too well for Palm when a heavyweight industry source gives you a call to say ‘you’ll never believe this’. I always have to steady myself just in case it’s something shocking. You know, like ‘Larry Page has just bought Vodafone — he reckons it’ll be quicker’. Today, though, the call […]

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Microsoft considering a Palm acquisition?

This is just rumour and speculation — but it’s one of those delicious what-ifs that keep the geeks chatting long into the night. Speculation that Palm will be scooped up by a well-capitalized tech company has intensified since the well-received release of the Palm Pre and the company’s new operating system, webOS. While most of […]

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