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Twitter… Preserve it!

Twitter, like Facebook is one of my many online addictions. As bad as it sounds, I’m not quite sure how I would properly function without it… Then again, I’ve always been a little odd. One thing that I love most about Twitter is its openness. Anyone can tweet, anyone can follow, and everyone (whether or […]

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Normob is ‘ugly word’, use ‘people’ instead

Matt Edgar isn’t impressed with the term I coined a while back to describe normal mobile users: Normob. He’s really deeply unimpressed: But before you’re tempted to drop this particular neologism into your zeitgeisty telecoms discourse, just stop for a moment and listen to yourself. This must surely be one of the ugliest words not […]

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Lord Mobile of Norwich, Stephen Fry, answers AQA questions

Lord Mobile — he of the 7 iPhones-in-his-pocket — the national treasure that is Stephen Fry, has answered some questions for text answering service, AQA. Here’s the first one he answered: Q. Who is Stephen Fry? A. A man trying to get through life without hurting or being hurt. Failing, but trying. For further information, […]

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The Power of Media Technology

I’m going to avoid delving into the politics of it, but over the past twelve days there has been a reoccurring story in our headlines; the Israel/Gaza issue. It’s one that has sparked outcry, and one that shouldn’t have happened. However, I was watching the news the other day, I think it was CNN or […]

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Youth: Text in Knife Crime Concerns

So I’m back to school this week; and during my free lessons, I often find myself aimlessly wandering around. I probably shouldn’t be, as I have mountains of work to do, but it’s certainly more fun. But it turns out my aimless journeys around my over-crowded school can come in handy… And I came across […]

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Do I resent my mobile?

Do I resent my mobile? I’ve been told once or twice that I resemble something of an old woman or more precisely an “Old Bag”. True, I do have my “old person” tendencies; but I do try to remain youthful as much as possible… Seeing as I’m only seventeen. It has however hit me; I’m […]

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Sony Ericsson celebrates the spirit of Bond

Apparently, everyone’s up celebrating Bond week. With Quantum of Solace out this week, one of the partners of the movie, Sony Ericsson has just launched a Microsite celebrating the spirit of the movie and, obviously, promoting their phones. Check out the site, it has a nice bond theme.

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What’s Your Favourite Mobile, EVER?

A thought for the weekend, and considering this horrendous weather, a thought that might take you back a few years! I’m asking, what has been your favourite mobile phone, you have owned, ever! I’ll start with mine. Now for me, this is an incredibly tough choice, it’s between the Nokia 3310, and the Nokia 3200! […]

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