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An Amazon Phone? The “aPhone”? Come on! Yes please!

It’s me again. And I’m back beating the drum for innovation and competition in the mobile industry. News — or “reports” — have emerged recently that apparently claim Amazon is developing a mobile phone. The reports reckon the handset will run Android, the assumption being that it’ll be a forked version like that of the […]

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Freepost Vodafone Recycling – the only address you need

That’s the address for your used phones. If you’re a Vodafone customer (and, I suppose, even if you’re not), you can donate your old handsets to charity easily now thanks to a brand new service from Vodafone. Recycling is nothing new — and especially in terms of donating to charity. It’s nice to see Vodafone […]

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I Lost My Phone In London!

I usually carry a minimum of two handsets: A BlackBerry Bold and an iPhone 4. Between them, I have everything I generally need to run my businesses wherever I am. When I’m on the train, I’ll often sit and use the iPhone and have the Bold in reserve — often sitting on my leg, or […]

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Three’s Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone Rocks

Well then I’ve now had the Samsung Omnia 7 from Three for just under a fortnight and I’m very much enjoying the Windows Phone experience. This has been aided in no small part by the riotous Three data network upon which the Omnia has been screaming with joy. Seeing the 3G+ icon and watching the […]

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LG’s Optimus 7 range is looking nice

What a difference a few years makes, eh? 2 years ago I was going nuts at the LG Renoir launch, dismayed by the built-in limitations of the phone’s proprietary operating system yet delighted at the phone’s brilliant specifications. Sort out the operating system and all of a sudden, the devices get a lot more interesting. […]

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Orange UK will handle your Windows Phone 7 needs

For years, Orange have worked closely with Microsoft (and HTC) to deliver Windows Mobile phones to the UK marketplace — indeed I reckon I’ve paid Orange at least 10,000 pounds over the past — what — 8 years or so — because of their Windows Mobile deals. It’s not just me though. Orange has sold […]

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