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Mobile Shop staff… You amuse me!

No seriously! Despite how rubbish you can be (note, not all are that rubbish), you have this ability to make me laugh, even when it’s not funny! You see, on Wednesday I took a trip down to my local high street, a busy one at that; in all I would hazard a guess that there […]

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Won’t somebody please get me a Nokia E51?

Something strange is happening with me. It happened over the weekend. I was in a Vodafone shop and … I don’t know what came over me. I headed over to the other side of the store where they had the ‘work’ phones and I started browsing the small handsets. We’re doing a lot of consultancy […]

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Results Day and my Mobile Phone!

Tomorrow, it’s GCSE results day. This means two things – feeling extremely sick, and using my mobile phone a lot! I haven’t really thought about the communications side of tomorrow much, seeing as I’m more worried about everything else. However, as Ewan pointed out to me tomorrow morning I will spending more time than I […]

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Japan’s FeliCa wallet phone push

According to this article from The Press Association, Japan is planning to agressively push its mobile technology abroad, particularly focusing on the wallet phone – that’s devices which incorporate a type of NFC or ‘wave and pay’. The particular type of wallet phone tech they’re talking about here is FeliCa, developed by Sony and very […]

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The mysterious phone I’m testing

A little while ago I got a note from 3. “Would you like to try out one of our new handsets?” asked the chap. “Sure!” I said. I’m always interested to see what’s coming next. The chap wouldn’t be drawn on the identity of the handset. Quite a good idea, if you want to get […]

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Tag Heuer’s new Meridiist phone: Hmmm.

So you’re in the business of making watches that people buy to make themselves look good, yes? Your business has had it’s lunch eaten by the mobile phone industry — to the point that almost everyone uses their mobile to tell the time. I don’t bother with a watch for this reason. What do you […]

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Just bought a phone? Tell us about it!

If you’ve just bought a phone, we want details. Krystal wants to know everything — in one or two sentences. I’ve asked her to include some mini-profiles on readers who’ve just bought a new mobile phone. I think it would be interesting to read what you’ve just bought. And how you’re finding it. Just two […]

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‘Does your phone do numbers?’

I am out amongst the Great Unwashed today. Fascinating. It’s always good to get out in the provinces and check out the reality of mobile use in today’s society. I just sat down next to an old Australian couple surrounded by luggage bearing the LHR tags. They’d obviously just arrived into the country. They were […]

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Android phone delayed

A report in the Wall Street Journal today talks about how Google is having to revise its plans regarding the release of the first handset powered by Android. T-Mobile USA is hoping to release a handset in the fourth quarter, while in Europe talk is of “Christmas time”. The world’s largest operator, China Mobile, is […]

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Ad-funded recording studio on your phone

So it looks like yet another form of mobile advertising is hitting the streets. This time the ad is played ahead of you singing your next Number 1 hit down your phone and having the clever guys and gals at WeMix.com record it for you. The application is called MyVox and it is being launched […]

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Almost everything you wanted to know about the zzzPhone

The zzzPhone: The first mass-consumer customisable mobile handset. I can’t tell you how exciting it was, a few months ago, flicking through the zzzPhone order form and choosing the specification of my new handset. GPS or no? How much memory? Size of camera? Did you say 7 megapixel? Heh. It was brilliant. I ended up […]

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