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Season 2 of the 361 Degrees podcast — Episode 1!

S02 E01 – 361 Live at Nokia World (1 of 2) (mp3) [ Direct MP3 download – 23MB ] We’re back! To kick off our second season we headed to Nokia World and recorded our first ever ‘live’ edition in front of an invited audience of bloggers and mobile gurus. They pitched-in to give their […]

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What are your smartphone bothersome things?

Kudos to Matthew Miller over at ZDNet for picking up the 361 degrees podcast in a post today. Here’s what he had to say: I am a podcast junkie and enjoy listening to them as I run on the roads around my neighborhood. One of the newest podcasts I subscribed to is co-hosted by my […]

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361 degrees podcast – Episode 10: Bothersome things

In the latest episode of the 361 degrees podcast, I receive a virtual yellow card for using the word ‘sodding‘ during the episode (referring to MMS). Ben was not impressed at my language and I could feel Rafe giving me a stare from 3,000 miles away. I couldn’t help it. 馃槈 Anyway, let’s get on […]

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361 degrees podcast – Episode 9: Nokia, what next?

Right this week things got a little bit interesting. Ben describes the debate between Rafe and I as, “a little bit heated” in the text below. I think, at one point, I was screaming words to the effect of, “You’re completely WRONG” at Mr Blandford. This is, you understand, all in the spirit of a […]

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361 degrees podcast – Episode 8: Roaming Ranting

Episode 8 – Roaming ranting… (mp3) This week we talk about international roaming services and wonder why these services – and especially data – command such premium pricing. We discuss: The recent MACH Insights conference. The products and services we use for roaming including Vodafone’s data traveller service, Abroadband, Droam, Onavo, Truphone and MiFi devices. The wetpaint Wiki for information on global pre-paid […]

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361 Degrees podcast – Episode 6: Windows Phone, Mango & Odd Juice

Listen!   Ben and Rafe head to the Millbank Tower in London for the official UK unveiling of Mango, Microsoft’s latest (and most major) update to the Windows Phone 7 platform (Wireless Worker coverage, All About Symbian coverage) where we also interview Oded Ran, Head of Consumer Marketing, Windows Phone, UK. I joined the chaps afterwards as we discuss: The ‘500’ […]

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361 Degrees podcast – Episode 5: BlackBerry Bickering

Listen! In a noisy (and slightly longer than normal) Episode 5 recorded ‘on the go’ in a hotel back-room, we argue about Blackberry… a lot. Well… Ben and I argue. Rafe plays peacemaker. We ‘discuss‘: What was announced at Blackberry World. The platform changes that Blackberry is going through. The RIM / Microsoft partnership. The Playbook tablet device. The new QNX […]

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Ben Smith and Rafe Blandford on the beach in Cannes

361 Degrees podcast – Episode 2 from Cannes

Hello, hello and THRICE hello — Episode 2 of the world’s most connected mobile podcast has hit the airwaves. Indeed, if you had your podcast reader setup, you’d have got both episodes into your ears a few days ago. That’s right, this is a two-parter. You can find out the background to 361 Degrees right […]

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