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Want a shout out on the Podcast?

Good afternoon readers, I can’t make it this week, so once again I am leaving it in the very capable hands of Messrs Lane, Smith and Whatley… (I’ve already sent along my contribution to be edited in later). Currently, the team are headed east on the Thames Clipper, towards the temporary venue for the recording […]

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Podcast Episode 9

Ewan’s off this week on his way to a desert island with enough mobile hardware to confuse the folk at Heathrow airport. In his absence the team discuss a number of the recent and forthcoming events (including our very own ‘Unlimited Drinks’), review the Jawbone headset, discuss CLI-spoofing outfit Spookcall, get excited about budget S60 […]

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Podcast Episode 8

From the OFCOM voluntary code being expanded to cover mobile broadband, customer service, James Whatley’s secret to more info on the desert island – we’ve got it all this week. There’s also a competition to win a new Jawbone Noise Assassin bluetooth headset…

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Special report podcast with David Hogben of NinetyTen

If you can’t wait ’til Monday for the next scheduled podcast then I’ve got a surprise in store. Following the brilliant response to the special report podcast we did with Justin Davies of NinetyTen (the people behind BuddyPing), I’m pleased to bring you a conversation with David Hogben, COO of NinetyTen. David and I used […]

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Want a podcast shout-out?

If you’d like a mention in today’s hot’rockin’ podcast, then we need to know about you. Drop me an email to ewan@smstextnews.com with the subject ‘podcast‘ and give me the details. We’ll use your shout-out in the end part of the podcast.

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Podcast Special Report! Justin Davies from NinetyTen!

Did you see it? A bonus! Did you see it slip, carefully — quietly, even — into your iTunes podcasts this morning? (If you were a subscriber to the SMS Text News Twitter feed, you’d have known about this last night, obviously — that’s where we stick it cool stuff before we publish it) Yes! […]

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Podcast Episode 5

This week we kick Vodafone and Orange about data some more, anticipate the arrival of the Nokia E71 (except Ewan) and Ewan explains how he is going to build his own mobile network on a desert island as SMS Text News gets all ‘LOST’.

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Podcast later today: Shout out requests?

If you’ve got some questions for us to ponder on today’s podcast, will you let me know or post a comment below? Also: if you’ve got some shout-out requests, whack them over and we’ll do them. On today’s podcast in alphabetical order: – Dan Lane of Howler Tech – Ben Smith of an unnamed consultancy […]

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Podcast 4 – Transcript

For those of you who may not have, erm, speakers or if you find the accents of Ewan, James and Dan a bit hard to follow, have no fear! Behold the SMS Text News Podcast 4 transcript for your reading pleasure. — SMS Text News PodcasT #4 Hello, I’m Ewan MacLeod, your host. Welcome to […]

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New Jingles for the podcast? Oh yes!

We need some new jingles for the podcast, big time. And I could use some inspiration, if you’ve got any sat around there. Here are the two we’ve been using currently: – Still to come on SMS Text News – Put down your Motorola RAZRs and burn your phone holsters In fact I didn’t put […]

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Podcast Episode 4

Recorded on Friday, the latest SMS Text News podcast is now available complete with traffic noise ‘atmosphere’. This week we ridicule mobile operator, Orange and take lots of listener questions and do our best to answer them. Our applications of the week…. aren’t. That’s a surprise.

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