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iPhone 4 Price Comparison from 3UK

The helpful chaps at mobile operator 3 have published this rather useful iPhone price comparison chart (thanks to Squakbox who pointed this out). It makes for interesting reading. Obviously, 3 comes out pretty good against the other mobile operators, provided you don’t consider Tesco’s offering (which they haven’t). Have a read on slideshare…

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Why Mobileways were right to price Gravity at $10

At the Nokia dinner I was at last night, a large percentage of the room was Twittering away using Gravity, the new Twitter client from developers, Mobileways. They were loving it. All of a sudden your common-or-garden E71 has been transformed into a hive of interactivity. “What were you using before Gravity?” I asked one […]

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Nokia N96 hits the Indian markets

Originally announced a couple of day before the Apple iPhone 3G debuted in India, Nokia have today announced the availability and pricing of the Nokia N96 for the Indian markets.  Ever since the official carriers for iPhone 3G announced the pricing, there has been widespread disappointment among the people, thanks to the high prices set […]

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Vodafone calls get more expensive

Fancy paying more money for your call charges? Then you’re in luck – Vodafone has had just the idea for you: it’s decided to hike up its per minute call costs for both pay as you go and contract customers. The price rises, which go into effect next month, will see call costs rising by […]

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Apple on the way to 23 million iPhone sales?

Guess what analysts reckon will happen to iPhone sales now there’s been a cut in the prices? Yep, you’ve guessed it, they’re going to go up. According to Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves, via Apple Insider , the $199 iPhone will mimic the growth the iPod saw when it dropped under $200. The price change […]

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Mobile data prices drop 25 percent

It seems Europeans just can’t get enough of mobile data at the moment. According to the GSMA, the market for mobile data skyrocketed by 40 percent to by €7 billion in 2007 while in the year to April 2008, the number of 3G users in the EU doubled to 112 million. And guess what’s spurred […]

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3G Apple iPhone will be subsidised

And the final word on the 3G iPhone? Yes, you can finally rest easy – it’s well and truly on its way, this June 9. Gizmodo, chatting to sources “very, very close” to the iPhone launch, has confirmed what everyone’s been thinking – that Apple boss Steve Jobs will be showing off the device at […]

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Sony Ericsson hit by high-end boredom

More doom and gloom from the handset people. After Nokia said it though the worldwide mobile phone market might shrink next year, Sony Ericsson has reported its profits have nosedived over the last quarter, its market share has dropped (enough to see it slip behind LG to number five in the biggest device makers) and […]

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Europe give go-ahead for mobiles on planes

After Ofcom decided to allow mobiles on planes last month, the EC said it’s paving the way for more of the same from other European Union member states. The era of pan-European in-flight mobility will be ushered in by two measures announced by the EC this week: a “Commission Recommendation for a harmonised approach on […]

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