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Mobile Monday Silicon Valley rocked

May 4, 2009 6:31 pm to 10:31 pm Mobile Monday Silicon Valley was fantastic this evening. There was a huge turnout on an uncharacteristically rainy San Francisco evening for the Location-Aware app demo evening. Skyhook Wireless kindly underwrote the bar and gave a pitch at the beginning of the series of presentations, outlining their rather […]

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Got 60 friends? Spell out a message with Google Latitude

I came across this rather nifty proof-of-concept video from the Google Latitude team. Latitude, if you’re not familiar with it, is an add-on to Google Maps that (amongst other features) overlays an avatar of your friends on Google Maps. So if you’re out-and-about you can see their location.

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‘And a 3.5mm jack’ – Why isn’t this a standard?

I was reading through a press release about the Nokia 5800 ‘Tube’ handset. Over a million of them shipped. Good news. My issue? Have a read of this sentence. I’ve bolded the problem line. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic offers a complete music experience and features a number of music and entertainment essentials, including a graphic […]

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Broadband ‘Connected Britain’ Is Rubbish

I am currently uploading a 120mb MIR Show video at the whopping WHOPPING average speed of 18.5k per second. Fluck all use that ‘cloud’ is when I’m whizzing away at 18.5k/sec. In fact thinking back about 15 years ago, if I was lucky, I got similar speeds on my 56k modem. I’m using an 8mb […]

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27 minutes to upload 1GB to ZumoDrive

I haven’t seen Lee Wilkins in the flesh for a good few years. He’s been out in Romania pursuing numerous opportunities in the digital space. We still talk — or Tweet/Facebook/Email — but I don’t think I want to speak with Lee aagin. Not after I saw his Tweet last night about ZumoDrive. 27 seconds […]

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The @response function is the shittest Twitter feature

Stop it. Stop it, stop it, stop it. STOP using @reply unless it’s in a fully formed sentence. Stop sending me utter, utter bollocks. Twitter is not for conversations. That’s what INSTANT MESSENGER is for. It’s NOT for you to publicly reply to every bollocks chatty message your fingers feel like typing. I don’t CARE […]

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Give Yahoo some friggin’ breathing room

Carol Bartz has taken the helm at the once-great Yahoo. Described as a long time ‘senior player’ in Silicon Valley, she is apparently made of stern stuff. So much so that Mike Harvey of The Times Tech column was rather impressed. I wonder if it’s the fact that she, “dodged questions about what happens next […]

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