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Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi Finish 2015 with Above Average Year-Over-Year Growth, as Worldwide Smartphone Shipments Surpass 1.4 Billion for the Year, According to IDC

Every year, sales of smartphones rise as people ditch their feature phones and purchase the latest all-singing, all-dancing mobiles. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that smartphone shipments in 2015 passed the 1.4 billion mark, breaking new records. Despite saturation in many countries, there’s still a lot of room for growth in emerging market such as India an […]

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Creating loyalty is difficult: A fascinating read for operators wondering why it’s all going wrong

Two of IBM’s top telecoms chaps have put together a terrific piece published on Telecom Asia exploring the issue of mobile operator customer loyalty. I strongly recommend anyone working at a mobile operator takes the time to read through it. On the back of IBM’s rather exhaustive telecoms consumer survey, they’ve outlined some rather direct […]

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Why the UK operators are really screwed: 92% of customers don’t plan on increasing their spend over the next 2-3 years

I received a fascinating piece of research in from IBM today. It was sent to me in conjunction with the news that IBM has signed an £18m business intelligence contract with UK 3G-data operator, Three. The deal will see Three use IBM’s technology to get a better understanding of what customers are doing — and […]

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Have the operators press the panic button yet? SMS revenue down $14bn in 2011!

Daniel Thomas over at the FT highlights some potentially alarming research indicating that operators aren’t having a good time with messaging revenues: Telecom operators lost almost $14bn in revenues in 2011 from a decline in text messaging owing to the rise in use of social messaging services provided free over the internet on smartphones, research […]

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The “BlackBerry’s Dead” Myth: 4 out of 5 SMEs I called are staying with RIM for “foreseeable future”

I did my own BlackBerry research the other day. I must qualify this post’s headline — I called five SMEs to talk about their BlackBerry usage.  Each of the companies I called are British companies, they are all primarily engaged in the manufacturing industry and they all employ 25-500 people. I think I probably called […]

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iPhone 4 disassembly by Chipworks

Fancy getting a look at the innards of the iPhone 4? Even the slight-geeks amongst us wouldn’t mind having a bit of a peer, right? Chipworks have done all the work for you in some detail — down to the silicon! Here are the company’s key findings: – The Apple A4 remains unchanged from the […]

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App revenues to exceed $30bn by 2015

Juniper Research has been looking at mobile application stores in depth. You can get the report here. I’m pleased that the report points out that it’s not all about the iPhone. Obviously with 4 billion downloads to April 2010, the iTunes App Store is a monster, but, as Juniper point out, brands and developers shouldn’t […]

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