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Only 10% of buyers choose based on design; loyalty non-existent

A stimulating survey in from WDS Global who’ve just spoken to 1,000 customers globally. The results? Here are the key points: Price is the number one purchasing factor Consumer purchasing decisions of mobile phones are overwhelmingly made on price, with 49% of consumers citing it as the most important factor; only 7% based their purchase […]

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LadyGeek’s The Female App Economy Report – ‘unboxed’

“I’ll do an unboxing!” I said to Belinda, one of the founders of LadyGeek. Belinda had just handed me a copy of their first mobile applications report, titled The Female App Economy. It’s been produced in combination with YouGov’s SixthSense team and it makes very, very interesting reading. LadyGeek’s mission is to help technology companies […]

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Smartphone downloads to reach 6,677,770,771.78 by 2014

Frost & Sullivan have released a report for anyone who wants a bit of collateral to support their ‘mobile applications will be big’ argument. Interestingly though, Frost’s exhaustive research indicate that downloads from all app stores will reach 6.67 billion in 2014. Not 7 billion. Not 6 billion. 6.67 billion precisely. If it was me […]

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Help: Symbian statistics by geography?

Vojtech, Mr Czech Republic, now based in London, is on the hunt for some Symbian statistics, ideally by geography. I’ve always been a fan of the Symbian operating system, despite whacking it with a large stick at every opportune point (tough love, I’d like them to succeed) — and it’s for this reason that I’m […]

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Mobile downloads will hit 20 billion per year by 2014

2014 is sufficiently far enough away for your average analyst to avoid being held to account. That said, I think the figure of 20 billion application downloads per year, per planet, should be pretty accurate. So Apple have done 1.5 billion in about a year, with, what… 40-odd million devices out there (including iPod Touch). […]

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LG Mobile wants YOUR opinion

Thanks to a tweet that piqued my interest the other day, I can tell you that LG Mobile is doing research and they’d like your opinion, particularly in the run up to the festive period that is fast approaching. They’d like to know what is important to you. And I think that’s a good thing […]

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Top-up voucher help

I had this question sent in by a reader who’d like to remain anonymous: Do any of the MIR readers have any research about the cost to operators of top up vouchers – or can they point me in the direction of relevant research? Any ideas?

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Is Nokia becoming Fox?

That’s one of the opened-ended questions posed by Kerrianne Gauld, Biz Dev at Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance on MoMoLondon this afternoon. Have a read: Hi I’m doing some research on the mobile advertising sector and wondered if anyone had any views on the sustainability of the sector. If the projected ad spend by 2013 […]

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