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Bad news: Almost everyone at MWC had an iPhone!

[Note: This post was originally published as the main editorial in the Mobile Industry Review newsletter. Would you like to receive it in your inbox now-and-again? It’s free to subscribe.] Bad news. Or, is it good news? Let me know what you think… I arrived into Barcelona as the city bathed in glorious, glorious sunshine. […]

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The “BlackBerry’s Dead” Myth: 4 out of 5 SMEs I called are staying with RIM for “foreseeable future”

I did my own BlackBerry research the other day. I must qualify this post’s headline — I called five SMEs to talk about their BlackBerry usage.  Each of the companies I called are British companies, they are all primarily engaged in the manufacturing industry and they all employ 25-500 people. I think I probably called […]

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Thousands queue for RIM’s Bold 9790 in Jakarta

Thousands of people in Jakarta, Indonesia, clearly haven’t got the BlackBerry-is-dead memo. I think I’m still right in saying that BlackBerry is still the #1 selling smartphone in the UK, along with dozens of other territories. Arguments like, “Yeah but it’s students buying them,” or “No, but” or “Yes but” don’t count. In many countries, […]

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BlackBerry DevCon: RIM’s fighting strong

I was really looking forward to BlackBerry’s DevCon Americas event last week. I was especially interested to take the temperature of the RIM team and the BlackBerry hopeful. I wasn’t sure what I’d encounter. If you believe any of the media stories circulating recently, RIM is toast. The service outage didn’t help the company’s reputation. […]

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Ah, welcome back BlackBerry Bold!

I’ve had my BlackBerry Bold relaxing for the last few days whilst I have been traveling from place to place. I’m doing my best to avoid rewarding my operator(s) for offering really poor data roaming rates by refusing, where possible, to use them. I’ve therefore managed to avoid using the Bold for a few days […]

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The danger for RIM: Compounding negative press stories

I’m a big, big fan of RIM, makers of BlackBerry. Huge fan. Their devices and their services irrevocably changed my life for the better. In today’s fast paced, always-on connected environment, it’s super-important for RIM to continue to manage their reputation aggressively and offensively (as apposed to playing defence — or, in some cases not […]

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