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RumourMill: Palm prē to be on Vodafone in the UK

In what appears to be another leak, Vodafone could be getting the latest handset from Palm with their very latest OS later on this year. Trumping all the other networks vying for the ultimate iPhone killer to be with them, bar O2 of course. The website MobileTopSoft ran a piece indicating news from ‘Vodafone officials’ […]

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Orange bravely killing off the Bold?

Two reports came out over the past few days, one run by the Guardian and one run by the Telegraph on the BlackBerry Bold being withdrawn from Orange. You may recall there were teething troubles when the phone first rolled out on Orange, which subsequently resulted in the handset being withdrawn from sale. There were […]

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BlackBerry Pearl gets a fold out keyboard

Proving that even the US Patent office works throughout Christmas was a design filed with them on the 25th of December, by RIM over a fold out keyboard for their phones. Picked up by those natty guys at Cellpassion and brought to our attention via Engadget Mobile, was Patent Application number 20080318617. As you can […]

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RumourMill: BlackBerry touch screen Bold coming soon

A posting over at Gizmodo via the original source of a Tmonews forum item has a leaked image of the RIM roadmap, with a new Bold model on the horizon with a touch screen in a slider casing. There’s nothing much more to tell other than what the picture above shows, but still it’s an […]

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Blackberry Storm gets Developer Tools and an Emulator

With Developers Tools available for the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android platform for quite a while now, and with developers having tremendous success with the former platform (remember the developer who made $250,000 in 2 months?), why would Research In Motion (RIM), the makers of the popular business phone brand Blackberry, keep their developers away? […]

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Vodafone to bring the Storm to the UK

If you’re someone who likes Touchscreen phones, but hate the Apple iPhone to the core and WindowsMobile just isn’t your cup of tea, we might have some good news for you. Over at Pocket-lint, there’s a story which confirms that Vodafone UK will be bringing BlackBerry Storm (also called Thunder in other news), the touchscreen […]

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RIM announces its first ever Flip

Research In Motion (RIM), makers of the popular mobile phone brand BlackBerry, have today announced their first flip-open phone, the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone. The phone has been in the news for quite a while now, with all the publications dubbing it as the ‘kickstart 8220‘.  The phone is a quad-band EDGE based smartphone […]

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BlackBerry Bold has iPhone 3G issues?

It looks like the similarities between the BlackBerry Bold and Apple’s iPhone are stronger than we thought: according to one analyst who’s been tinkering with RIM’s latest, the device has been experiencing the same sort of 3G problems as its Apple rival. Jim Suva of Citigroup wrote in a research note quoted by Barrons that: […]

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US shoppers can’t get enough of RIM, LG

If the latest figures from industry watchers Strategy Analytics (via The Financial Times) are anything to go by, it’s all change in the US market when it comes to mobile handsets. There are two notable big winners: LG, which has leapfrogged Samsung to take the number two spot, and RIM, which has seen its share […]

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Mobile Bank of America gets 1 million users

Bank of America has been signing people up to its mobile banking service quicker than you can say Big Mac and fries – according to BoA, there are now one million active users doing their finances by mobile and over four million banking sessions taking place every month. The bank says Los Angeles residents are […]

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E*TRADE comes to the BlackBerry

If you fancy a bit of wheeling and dealing on the go, then share trading company E*TRADE has come up with a bit of software that should help you. The E*TRADE Mobile Pro software pretty much does everything the desktop version does, only this time on your BlackBerry. According to E*TRADE, the software has: • […]

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Apple iPhone loses market share

According to new research from analyst group IDC, it looks like the iPhone has taken a hit in market share. The company found that for the first quarter, the iPhone saw its share of the US smartphone market nibbled away by the likes of RIM and Palm, AP reports. The iPhone’s market share now stands […]

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