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Siemens S10 1998

Classic Handsets: the Siemens S10 (the world’s first colour phone)

In today’s Classic Handset series article, we’re taking a short trip down memory lane to remember what is claimed to be the first mobile with a colour display: the Siemens S10. Back in the mid to late-90’s and well before the advent of smartphones, mobiles were basic devices with the ability to make calls, send messages and perhaps even a selection of rudimentary […]

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Can I get some clarity on that? And can we do some engaging?

Check out the management speak in this recent press release from Nokia Siemens Networks…. Nokia Siemens Networks has completed the preliminary planning process to identify the proposed remaining headcount reductions necessary to reach its previously announced synergy-related headcount adjustment goal. As a result, the company is now starting the process of sharing these preliminary plans […]

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Siemens – “too German”

Without resorting to obvious stereotypes, this is not about Siemens executives always putting their towels on the sun chairs by the pool first thing in the morning, or about them being ruthlessly efficient in penalty shoot-outs. Instead, it is a comment from Peter Löscher, the head of Siemens (and himself an Austrian), about the company […]

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