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Google Assistant vs Siri

Google Assistant vs Siri

Virtual assistants have been surrounded by hype in the tech community for years. However, they have not always been very convenient for everyday users. Now, however, such services have become far more mainstream. The topic of Google Assistant vs Siri is something that will likely come up more and more often so allow me to […]

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Has voice recognition come of age?

Voice recognition – has it come of age?

“Hey Siri, wake me up at 7 a.m.”…that’s about all I use Apple’s Siri for at the moment, short of asking what song is currently playing (which always amazes me). It’s not that voice recognition on the iPhone is bad – most of the time it provides reliable and accurate information (when I’m in the UK; but abroad it’s another […]

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Siri controlling your home environment — I love it!

Here’s an example of Apple’s Siri being used to totally control a home environment — from heating to lighting to home entertainment. Have a watch of the video: Simply fantastic. We are really not that far away from being able to do the equivalent of Star Trek’s “COMPUTER: LIGHTS” commands. This real working example (covered […]

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Is your house Siri-enabled yet?

How do you like the idea of turning your heating up by telling Siri to sort it out? I like that a lot. A *lot*. I don’t want to have to arse about going into the kitchen — which is where our boiler/thermostat is — and open up the sodding boiler thingy and then screw […]

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