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Sky Go Extra: It finally worked

I’ve been pretty vocal recently about how shit the Sky Go Extra service is. I am astonished that the team there even let it out the building alive. There must have been some real pressure to deliver and I seriously doubt whether any of the senior executives have bothered taking a look at it. Or […]

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Sky+ app — I can’t get enough of it

I react negatively to most types of “live TV”. I really don’t like having to dance to some scheduler’s tune. My life does not fit their imagined template. Rarely do I bother watching anything that can’t be purchased via iTunes or streamed on Netflix. But “The New” Yes Primer Minister? Aye. It’s even got the […]

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The Data Capacity Crunch, Part 2

The Data Capacity Crunch In Part 2 of our video series focusing on the data capacity crunch, we talk to Sky’s Business Development Director, Emma Lloyd, to find out her perspective on the issue. Over to Emma… This series is jointly produced with the talented people at Mobile Entertainment magazine‘s ME TV channel.

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Sky+ HD box = kaput. Now what?

Last week whilst I was trying to watch Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross talking about Twitter on BBC1, my Sky+ HD box — not more than 2.5 months old — screwed up. It’s making a clicking sound and failing to boot. Sounds to my highly inexperienced ears like a hard disk failure. Uber annoying. Uber […]

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