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Skyfire 0.9 is really smokin’

Take a look at these screenshots: These are from the new version of Skyfire — version 0.9. They’ve really been innovating since I last took a look. The brilliance with Skyfire is that it gives you a ‘proper’ desktop browsing experience on your handset. There’s many a time when you’re out on the road that […]

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Skyfire arrives in Blighty to a blaze of glory

Up and coming mobile phone web browser by Skyfire has just made its debut in the UK, lighting up the heavens along the way. Said to have a PC-esque browsing experience, their newest web surfer enters its beta rollout stage over ‘ere. *cough* *about time* *cough* Boasting decent flash comparability and faster than Opera like […]

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MIR Show – Week 43 – Trutap, Fluid Pixels & Skyfire

I didn’t have time to publish this one last week since there was so much going on during Thursday and Friday (mostly T-Mobile G1 related). So before we bring you Week 44 — it’s time for eight minutes and twenty four seconds of joy from Week 43… Continuing our coverage from the Symbian Smartphone Show […]

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Yeah, forget the Skyfire S60 browser

I posted a note last night about 100 beta invitations for the S60 version of the Skyfire browser. Forget that. Strike it from your memory. Screw it, with bells on. You can’t actually get the beta, if you’re in the UK, Europe or anywhere other than America. Which is one of the dumbest things that […]

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100x Skyfire S60 beta invites – any takers?

If you’d like to try the S60 version of the game-changing browser, Skyfire, then read on. We’ve got 100 invites to beta test the browser. Interested? It’s *definitely* worth a look. Head over to this address and enter the code SMSTN when prompted. In case you’re in need of a prompt: Skyfire Labs, makers of […]

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