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James Whatley on the importance of ecosystems

Whatley is back this week with his perspective on ecosystems — a word that’s increasingly being integrated into the marketing communications of almost every key player in the marketplace. Years back, an ecosystem meant having a few developers knock out some expensive and rather limited third-party apps. Nowadays the term has much wider connotations. Over […]

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The INQ 1- Student Perspective Part 2

Last week I covered the basics of the INQ1 now I am going to be looking in depth at the applications in particular the social networking ones. Facebook Let’s be honest, this is probably the reason why you bought this phone. When you first start the phone you are asked to pop in your Facebook […]

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Skype: Am I missing something?

I am currently reviwing the INQ 1,  and it has a inbuilt Skype client which is heavily promoted in its advertising and some would even say the INQ 1 is simply the Skype Phone version 3. I have 2 Skype contacts, that’s it! Who actually uses Skype?? This really hit home when reading a post […]

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INQ1Watch: Reasons behind the phone – 1,2,3

In wrapping up the coverage from the launch event, we thought we‘d bring you some of the thinking and reasoning passed along to us as to why the development of the phone’s series by Hutchinson began. These were outlaid to us on the day by 3’s CEO Kevin Russell and the INQ’s CEO Frank Meehan. […]

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INQ1Watch: The first ever Facebook phone is here

Launched at a design studio in Shoreditch East London, 3’s social networking mobile phone arrives on the scene. It’s packed to rafters with instant access to the likes of Facebook, Skype, instant messaging and all for a remarkably low, low cost. Kevin Russell, the chief executive of 3 UK led the presentation and introduced more […]

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3 and Skype

The Sunday Times picked up the story that 3 is planning to add SkypeOut to their Skypephone package, on top of the existing Skype to Skype and Skype Chat offering. However, buried away in the detail, I noticed that SkypeOut is only supported for international calls. Calls to UK destinations can only be made via […]

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Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 22

Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 22 from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo. This week we’re bringing you an absolute WHOPPER of a show. A veritable whopper. 1. We’re committed to bringing you our show from different, unusual and picturesque locations around London. I think we’ve beaten everything so far by filming from the Tower […]

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3 Skypephone S2 now in the wild

If you want to get your hands on 3’s Skypephone S2, the operator’s already taking pre-orders for the device through its website, and it won’t be long til the device is out in the wild (next week online, 1st September in store). The S2 looks like a series step up from its predecessor, with a […]

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