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Stephen Fry likes the S2 Skypephone too

Good man, good man: Stephen Fry has knocked up a comprehensive review of the Skypephone S2: The S2 is a small, neat unit, manufactured by the Chinese company Amoi. Along the bottom of its bright, clear screen parades a line of familiar icons that allow instant access to Google, Facebook, Windows Messenger and, of course, […]

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3’s Skypephone S2: The Facebook Phone

I was actually working on a post about 3’s new Skypephone S2 and the handset’s integrated Facebook application when a reader, Ken, sent me this overview of their Skypephone S2 Facebook experience. Have a read… – – – – – I’ve never been much of a FaceBook fan. Who needs it? I have plenty of […]

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Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 22

Mobile Industry Review Show – Episode 22 from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo. This week we’re bringing you an absolute WHOPPER of a show. A veritable whopper. 1. We’re committed to bringing you our show from different, unusual and picturesque locations around London. I think we’ve beaten everything so far by filming from the Tower […]

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3 Skypephone S2 now in the wild

If you want to get your hands on 3’s Skypephone S2, the operator’s already taking pre-orders for the device through its website, and it won’t be long til the device is out in the wild (next week online, 1st September in store). The S2 looks like a series step up from its predecessor, with a […]

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3 Skypephone S2 hits shops on 18th August

The brand new 3 Skypephone S2 is looking shit hot. 3 have taken a heck of a lot of feedback from their users and upgraded the device big time. Obviously it’s got the usual Skype goodness included as standard. But they’ve sooped it up. It is, of course, HSDPA. But plug it in to your […]

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