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Microsoft’s very own Smartphone at MWC

The rumours of Microsoft releasing it’s very own smartphone at Mobile World Congress continue apace. This week, it’s Doug Freedman of Broadpoint AmTech — which sounds very much like an analyst firm — reckoning that Microsoft will announce their own smartphone at Mobile World Congress shortly. If they brought one out running Android, I’d certainly […]

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RumourMill: DELL’s Smartphone

Sources at various titles have picked up news that DELL is on the brink of announcing a Smartphone, most likely at Mobile World Congress. The Wall Street Journal has it the PC maker has been designing a prototype of an iPhone and BlackBerry ilk, for over a year now. They even have news that it […]

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RumourMill: New Palm phone

News of a new Palm mobile has been doing the rounds, with CrunchGear apparently having the exclusive lowdown on what’s what. The site has it from a trusted source the latest Palm Smartphone will be of a slider phone design, with a full QWERTY keyboard in a portrait formatted touchscreen. To our knowledge the case […]

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Christmas Wish: The Ultimate Smartphone

Josh over at Engadget made an editorial posting about all he wants for Christmas is a good Smartphone, which we’re sure most of us can relate to. It goes on to highlight just how no one has really got it entirely right so far, from out of the box. Engadgets Editor-in-Chief goes on to state […]

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iPhone stuffing Blackberry with larger global smartphone share

The London Telegraph has another mobile related story this morning: Over 39.9 million smartphones were shipped around the world in the July – September period, representing a 28 per cent increase, according to Canalys, the market data company. Apple sold 6.9 million of the smartphones, giving it a 17 per cent share of the global […]

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Nokia E63 spotted at the Smartphone Show

We met Mauricio of Visto walking round the Symbian Smartphone Show last week and — well — you could hear an audible squeak of excitement from us as he brought out a Nokia ‘Exx’. That’s right.. it’s an E— something. We thought it could possibly be the E63 — and Mauricio did let slip that […]

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Samsung smartphones get faster memory

Samsung smartphones have been given a bit of a speed boost thanks to a new bit of software the handset giant’s developed. The software will make any handsets using its own proprietary embedded flash memories, OneNAND, Flex-OneNAND and moviNAND, complete the sort of multimedia-heavy actions devices do regularly – like booting, downloading and searching – […]

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Apple iPhone loses market share

According to new research from analyst group IDC, it looks like the iPhone has taken a hit in market share. The company found that for the first quarter, the iPhone saw its share of the US smartphone market nibbled away by the likes of RIM and Palm, AP reports. The iPhone’s market share now stands […]

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BT to relaunch Fusion with own-brand HTC?

Interesting news out of BT: according to a report in The Telegraph BT is set to debut an own-brand smartphone from HTC today. The Telegraph reckons it will run “off BT’s Home Hubs in residential settings, and switch across to the Vodafone mobile network when out and about”Interesting news out of BT: according to a […]

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Cheaper devices getting smarter

Phones look like they’re getting cleverer: one in three mobiles will be a smartphone by 2013, according to ABI Research, up from one in ten today. Nokia remains the most popular smartphone seller, with 52 percent of the market, while Symbian is found on 65 percent of devices. The expected growth in smartphone numbers is […]

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Dell readying Windows Mobile smartphone range?

The rumours of Dell making an appearance in the mobile market have been doing the rounds for a while, but they seem to be gaining momentum at a rapid rate. Digitimes reports that Dell might team up with Foxconn Electronics to develop Windows Mobile smartphones, after rival Acer announced it was to buy business mobile […]

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