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Are Britain’s mobile operators too busy tweeting to actually sell anything? [Or: Are their Social CRM systems really this rubbish?]

One of the bullet points on my todo list this morning was: Get a new iPhone 4S. I’ve procrastinated enough. Now I need to actually do something about it. It’s time I owned an iPhone 4S instead of playing with test devices. I have accounts on all the UK networks: Everything Everywhere, Three, Vodafone and […]

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I’m giving social media advice at tomorrow’s IAB event

Amy from IAB asked if I’d like to participate in one of their upcoming Social Media marketing events. I readily agreed. The inimitable James Whatley of 1000heads is supervising the panel I’m on — and we’ve got this topic to discuss: Inviting the cool kids: getting the right people to talk about your brand in […]

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Rummble raises $800,000 venture funding

This news came in when I was in the midst of the birth process last week so I wasn’t able to do anything on it, but I wanted to document it. Rummble, the personalised mobile location recommendations service, just got $800k of funding from m8 Capital. Congratulations all! Rummble offers users a ‘page rank for […]

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Vodafone’s Lukewarm 60-degree Offering

[This editorial was originally published in the Mobile Industry Review newsletter on the 20th November 2009. Make sure you get the editorials ahead of time by subscribing here — free.] If you’re working at Vodafone, you’ll want to look away now. In fact, hit ‘escape’ and press delete. Now. Very quickly. Because this text is […]

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The INQ 1- Student Perspective Part 2

Last week I covered the basics of the INQ1 now I am going to be looking in depth at the applications in particular the social networking ones. Facebook Let’s be honest, this is probably the reason why you bought this phone. When you first start the phone you are asked to pop in your Facebook […]

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Mobile Drama!

It’s a phenomenon that has been circulating around for the past few years; “Mobile Soaps”, which are specifically aimed and targeted at people like myself… Teens! It’s an idea that has always intrigued me; I’m a fan of anything that is gripping, true and something I can relate too (in terms of Dramas that is). […]

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MIR heads to Manchester’s Social Media Cafe

Ricky here! Manchester has it’s own version of London’s Social Media Cafe aka Tuttle Club and on the Tuesday 3rd February 2009, meeting between 6pm to 9pm. I will be down there representing Mobile Industry Review, sadly James, Ewan, Ben and Dan will not be able to attend, however I am sure I will be able to […]

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