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Apps that changed the world: Twitter

In our series in apps that changed the world, perhaps the most obvious candidates are social media sites and apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Twitter has arguably had more of an impact on the way we use our mobiles, and reporting and influence on world events, so without further ado here’s a brief rundown of […]

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Smartphones and social media: driving political revolution

Do you remember what it was like before smartphones and social media? Some might say that not much has changed, but young adults and anyone in their twenties would almost certainly disagree. Michael Saylor, the author of The Mobile Wave and CEO of MicroStrategy says that “The Agricultural Revolution took thousands of years to run its course. […]

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Good luck to Everything Everywhere’s Conor Maples

Conor Maples has led the Everything Everywhere charge into social media and done a phenomenal job of it. He’s got another role now — focusing only on social media (rather than a mix of PR/social) so he’s saying goodbye to his @conorfromorange account: Dearest Twitter, the time has come for me to say goodbye to […]

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Are Britain’s mobile operators too busy tweeting to actually sell anything? [Or: Are their Social CRM systems really this rubbish?]

One of the bullet points on my todo list this morning was: Get a new iPhone 4S. I’ve procrastinated enough. Now I need to actually do something about it. It’s time I owned an iPhone 4S instead of playing with test devices. I have accounts on all the UK networks: Everything Everywhere, Three, Vodafone and […]

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Follow-up: Silly Twitter competitions by mobile companies

Yesterday, I was distinctly unimpressed at witnessing how Motorola were executing their social media competition and posted this note as a result: Is giving a prize to celebrate follower numbers really silly? In the post, I wondered what noted social media expert James Whatley made of it. James is Engagement Strategy Director for 1000heads. He […]

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T-Mobile UK dipping into social media, finally

Anna and Will from NixonMcInnes are working with T-Mobile UK to bring them into the 21st Century. And it’s a good job they are. For a long time, T-Mobile have been the proverbial arse-in-the-corner, ignoring the blogosphere because it’s, well, unknown.. and filled with.. er… the great unwashed… For any organisation accustomed to broadcasting to […]

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Vodafone’s step into social media with Facebook

I’m rather impressed to see that Vodafone has taken the jump into the social media space properly, with the launch of a Facebook application that lets you send text messages and have the cost of doing so billed to your Vodafone account. Stuart Dredge over at PocketPicks caught this and points out that it’s not […]

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