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Vodafone 360 – An Absolute Failure?

[This editorial was originally published in the Mobile Industry Review newsletter on the 28th November 2009. Make sure you get the editorials ahead of time by subscribing here — free.] “360 will be an absolute and total failure… and then in 5 years, they’ll try again.” Discuss. That quote was sent into me this week […]

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The INQ1 from 3 – a Normob social networking device?

This morning I ordered the INQ1 handset from 3. Why, you may ask? Surely it’s just a 3 branded handset from an unknown manufacturer that doesn’t allow you to download extra applications because it isn’t running any of the usual operating systems – S60, Apple, Android etc. And you’d be right. But … 3 claims […]

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Nokia buys location social networker Plazes

Nokia has once again found its way to its wallet for the latest in a recent run of acquisitions: this time, it’s snapped up German social networking firm Plazes. Nokia describes it as “a context-aware social-activity service that people can use to plan, record, and share their social activities: why they are at a given […]

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Fliptrack becomes Moblyng, gets $5.7m from VCs

Social media service Fliptrack has been reborn as Moblyng and found itself on the end of an injection of VC funding. The company’s offering lets users mobilise and share all their content on social networking sites likes MySpace, including photos, videos and widgets, and announced yesterday that it’s got $5.7 million in venture capital funding […]

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The 10 most popular UK mobile sites are…

Opera has been touting its latest research into the state of the mobile web and aside from pointing out that Opera Mini is now the most used mobile browser out there, it’s been taking a look at some of the content preferences for mobile surfers. Here’s what the report says: Tracking the type of content […]

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1 percent of mobile users on social networks

It seems that mobile networking users are sticking to their old favourite platforms from the fixed Internet world: MySpace and Facebook are the most popular social networking sites across both mobile and fixed usage. Nielsen reckons around 1.6 percent of UK mobile users now access social networking sites on their phones, compared to 1.7 percent […]

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Investors get Buzzd over location-based social networking

Buzzd, which specialises in location-based city guides and social networking, has reeled in its first round of investment led by Greycroft Partners and Monitor Ventures but so far hasn’t put a figure on the funding. Buzzd says it’s going to put the funding towards “product development and distribution” and will get a new board member […]

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