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Pibbix Voicemail: Your business critical voice transcription service

Pibbix Voicemail is here. You probably haven’t heard of them before, but you’re going to start hearing a lot more about them shortly. They’re a small telephony-focused startup that I’ve been following for quite some time. Their first product is Pibbix Voicemail. At first glance, it’s a terrifically simple system. It’s what’s coming next that’s […]

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VoxSciences will keep SpinVox users connected

After my post yesterday about HulloMail, SpinVox users about to be switched off might like to check out the voice-to-text service from VoxSciences. Unlike SpinVox, VoxSciences are profitable — although the facility is not free of charge. There are two basic service plans: I know quite a few readers who are utterly delighted with their […]

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SpinVox Refugees, HulloMail awaits!

Now if you’re one of the thousands about to be left high and dry with a defunct voicemail service after Nuance killed-off SpinVox’s consumer operation (well, it’s almost dead — this Friday it’s switched off), you might like to take a look at HulloMail. I’ve been using it for a long time and I’m entirely […]

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MIR Show – James takes a SpinVox stand tour

We headed over to see regular MIR contributor and MIR Show star, James Whatley, at the SpinVox stand on the first day of Mobile World Congress — and then badgered him into giving us an impromptu tour. Here’s the vid: MIR MWC: James Whatley Introduces the SpinVox Stand from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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MIR Show – James Whatley gets his MIR jacket

James has been busy on the SpinVox stand — but we managed to grab him for a few minutes to award him his very own MOBILE INDUSTRY REVIEW jacket. Oh yes. One problem — Dan was positive that a Medium size just would not fit him. Watch and see what happens… MIR Show – James […]

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SpinVox vs HulloMail — they’re not competitors

I’ve seen a lot of conversation recently regarding SpinVox and HulloMail (whom we featured yesterday on the MIR Show). In fact I actually interviewed regular contributor, Barney Craggs, last night at MoMo/Swedish Beers and he commented on this, thinking it was weird that we had James Whatley of SpinVox interviewing Andy Munarriz of HulloMail. If […]

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SpinVox negated by London Digger; Service rendered Class F

But they’re back. Some enterprising arse with a JCB Digger cut through some major fibre optics in London yesterday afternoon, killing most (if not all) of their UK/European SpinVox inbound telecommunications facilities. Bit of an arse, eh? Especially if you’re a billion dollar communications company. I’m not sure who their telecoms supplier is — but […]

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SpinVox and Ping.fm team up!

Any long-term MIR reader will know about SpinVox, the market leader in voice to text services. When he isn’t starring in our weekly video show, our very own James Whatley serves as SpinVox’s “Social Media Strategist” which should explain why SpinVox has wholly embraced social media in the last year or so, culminating in today’s […]

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Phonetag — the SpinVox killer?

This afternoon, I was hoping to connect with James Siminoff, Chief Executive of Phonetag. Alas there was a scheduling conflict but I’m going to see what we can do tomorrow to meet him. I’d like to find out a lot more about Phonetag. It’s named after that annoying hobby — ‘playing phonetag’ — the concept […]

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Christina Domecq is getting voxy

“You know Christina, don’t you?” I asked a chap, the other day, when we were talking about SpinVox. “What, the ballsy one from Newsnight?” he qualified. “That’s her.” I’ve never met her myself. I talked to Daniel, the other co-founder (“DD”) who took me through the SpinVox story. But not Christina. She does write to […]

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Win an N82 and a year’s moblog & SpinVox subscription

I had a note in from Alfie of Moblog telling me about their new competition, Lovetheaccent.com. It’s a rather wicked proof of concept demonstrating the integration between Moblog and SpinVox. (I haven’t written much about SpinVox recently — still loving it. Still a critical service for me.) The competition is quite simple. Call up the […]

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Jonathan Jensen – SpinVox, the future of Voicemail

This week we go to press early because there’s been a lot of debate over the past few days on the subject of voicemail and its future … — Fellow SMS Text News contributor (and mobile geek extraordinaire) James Whatley (aka Whatleydude) recently organised some SpinVox accounts for my family. I know I wouldn’t be […]

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