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Palm Pre: 8GB on board; 3mp camera

The specs are officially up for the Palm Pre. Sprint went live with the details today according to MobileCrunch. I popped over to the Sprint.com site and had a look. I’m a customer, dontcha know? 馃槈 Not a very good one, because I’m sat in the UK at the moment — but Sprint, controversially, is […]

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Palm Pre Rumored to be Exclusively Heading to Best Buy

You know it’s a popular phone when barely days after its announcement, rumors start springing up about its release.聽 A “credible source” tells WebOS Arena, that Best Buy would be hosting a 60 days exclusive deal for retailing the Palm Pre. The Pre, which will be launched on Sprint’s network in the US would be […]

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My Sprint Samsung ACE works on Vodafone UK

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that my newest handset purchase — the Samsung ACE from Sprint — works perfectly fine on Vodafone UK. It’s a CDMA/GSM handset — which is why I bought it — only to find out that I didn’t have the right account settings in order to use it […]

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Sprint is the first US carrier to launch Blue Mobile

Blue Systems’ Blue Mobile real-time mobile (Blackberry/WinMob) financial information service will shortly be available to Sprint customers. Right on! What a deal for Blue Systems! Here’s the announcement: Blue Systems, a London-based provider of global financial information software, today announced that it has entered an agreement with Sprint, one of North America芒鈧劉s premier mobile carriers, […]

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Sprint ready to offload Nextel’s iDen

According to Reuters, the latest twist in the saga that is Sprint is set to get rid of the iDen network it picked up when it acquired Nextel a few years ago. Sprint has really been struggling all round for some time and a sale of a network that was superceded in both technology and […]

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Sprint’s WiMax now ready for lift-off

Could this really be the green light we’ve been waiting for? It looks like, after all the delays and to-ing and fro-ing with partner Clearwire, Sprint’s WiMax network is finally ready for take-off. Sprint said that it’s now finished commercial testing of its Xohm network, alongside buddy Samsung, and the WiMax network is now meeting […]

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Clearwire, Sprint give birth to new WiMax venture

It looks like there’s life in US WiMax yet. US providers Clearwire and SprintNextel have agreed to combine their WiMax networks into a new company, under the Clearwire brand. They’ve got some powerful friends on board too: Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks have agreed to finance the new company to […]

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Deutsche Telekom to buy Sprint?

According to German paper Der Spiegel, Deutsche Telekom is considering going shopping and acquiring US carrier Sprint Nextel, with a view to merging it with its own T-Mobile USA. It’s a fascinating rumour but I’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t just an idle ‘what if?’ scenario from some Deutsche Telekom exec. Granted, for anyone […]

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Sprint adds MySpace to its friends

Sprint is obviously feeling generous these days – it’s giving away free mobile access to MySpace Mobile on all web-enabled phones – which it claims is a first for any US operator – to coincide with the official launch of MySpace’s mobile site. MySpace users will get all the usual goodies – including being able […]

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Sprint Openwaves hello to better mobile browsing

Apple iPhone users may be consuming data like it’s going out of fashion, but they’re a tiny minority of mobile users. What about the rest of the world and their bog standard phones – how do you get them accessing the mobile Web? US operator Spring thinks it has the answer, with Openwave’s OpenWeb product. […]

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Sprint gives Windows Mobiles a speed bump with Rev A

Sprint users who have a fondness for Windows Mobile devices will soon be getting a bump in mobile data speeds: the US operator has made a software upgrade available for the HTC Mogul making it the first device to be able to take advantage of EV-DO Rev A speeds. In short, users will be able […]

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Sprint: looking at Deutsche buy, Nextel spin off?

Rumour mills are great fun. And there’s been some great rumours coming out of the US mobile industry in the last couple of days, both concerning Sprint Nextel and what might be its next move in the face of some ongoing financial troubles. The first rumour comes from suggestions by analysts that T-Mobile parent Deutsche […]

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