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Remember this one? Thanks to Steve Lichfield for the photo.

The background to Psion, Palm & Symbian

Andrew Orlowski over at The Register has written a monumental series on the history and background to Psion. It really is compelling reading for anyone even slightly curious about the heritage of Symbian and developmental stages of Psion. In today’s fast-paced smartphone world, it is rather useful to take a bit of time out to […]

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Nokia & Microsoft make it official — full release

Here’s the full release from today’s announcement from Nokia regarding their definitive agreement with Microsoft: Espoo, Finland and Redmond, US – Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement on a partnership that will result in a new global mobile ecosystem, utilizing the very complementary assets of both […]

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Nokia’s new E6 and X7 keep the Symbian excitement alive

Now then, I used the word ‘excitement‘ in the title with a straight face. I don’t think it’s blow-the-doors-off excitement per se — but there’s definitely genuine interest out there in the marketplace to see what’s new from Nokia. These two devices look pretty hot. I mean that in a genuine manner. I do like […]

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Finally Nokia is getting attention from the West

It’s nice to see Nokia sentiment from the Western media temporarily switched to positive. Or at least almost-positive. You’ll have no doubt been tracking the various different opinions zooming around the marketplace (Nokia must do Android, Nokia must do Microsoft, Nokia must hold fast with Symbian & MeeGo). It’s good to see the company getting […]

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Symbian CEO Lee Williams, exits the Foundation

Just got this in from Symbian‘s PR: CEO Lee Williams will leave the Symbian Foundation with immediate effect. The Foundation’s HR Director, Steve Warner reports: “The Symbian Foundation is today announcing that Lee M. Williams has stepped down from his position as Executive Director for personal reasons. We thank Lee for his work over the […]

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S^y^m^b^i^a^n^3: GAHHH

I just wanted to point out again, just how irritating the ‘Symbian^3’ text branding is. Utterly, utterly annoying. Can people please stop putting the power sign in when they’re writing about Symbian? Can we all just call it ‘Symbian 3’ like any normal person might? I know this isn’t strictly accurate, given the multitude of […]

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Symbian’s stupid high hat thingy: Dump it today!

Every time I see someone write Symbian^3 or Symbian^4, I wince. I wince because nobody outside the Symbianzone has a damn clue what the sodding ^ means. Yet another branding problem with Nokia and Symbian. Come on chaps? What’s wrong with ‘Symbian 3’? Someone did tell me what the ^ or ‘stupid high hat thingy’ […]

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NokiaWorld: The Only Possibility Today is Brilliance

I’m looking forward to seeing what Nokia delivers to the marketplace today. I’m excited at the possibilities. However I still retain a sad-reality-view. Today, Nokia needs to deliver unmitigated brilliance. It’s a binary situation. Either it’s brilliant or it’s not. It’s that simple. I am quietly fearful that the company will vomit out a range […]

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Meffys 2010 Awards: Introduction & first winners

Ok it’s time for the first batch of Meffys 2010 award videos. Before we begin, here’s the introductory video played at the event (look out for the wicked dancing by yours truly): Download M4V Video | Subscribe to Podcast | Embed video The Outstanding Contribution Award: Andrew Tsu of Synaptics (this is the chap who […]

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