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LTE-U may offer an alternative to 5G

The hunt for faster and more stable networks never ends. However, the transition to new technologies is often quite rocky and full of controversy. For instance, many thought that moving to 4G was not essential yet I cannot imagine any frequent user of mobile data nowadays going back to 3G speeds. Now, the US is […]

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Vodafone data: Now the equivalent of One2One GRPS

Whatever happened to Vodafone? Once the shining beacon of technical capability, Vodafone’s data connection appears to have regressed in performance to the point where it’s virtually indistinguishable from One2One at the height of it’s popularity. One2One was the previous name of T-Mobile. All those years ago. Those were the days. Do you remember them? One2One […]

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Vodafone UK is “shocked” at the “careless disregard” of Ofcom on 4G spectrum

The team at Vodafone UK are seriously annoyed. Enough to use some rather emotive language when describing the behaviour of the industry’s regulator, Ofcom. What’s Ofcom done wrong this time? They’ve allowed Everything Everywhere (i.e. T-Mobile and Orange) to use their existing 1800 MHz spectrum for 4G services. The short story being that, theoretically, Everything […]

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T-Mobile’s new offering for micro businesses and sole traders

Now then, I’m going to withhold my usual barrage of criticism for this country’s mobile operators to bring you news from T-Mobile UK. They’re getting somewhere. Having completed research that shows that many sole traders and micro businesses reckon the next year will be tough (70% anticipate revenue staying the same or decreasing next year), […]

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Everything Everywhere: An open letter to Olaf Swantee — from a senior executive

I was contacted recently by a senior executive at Everything Everywhere in the wake of the announcement of Tom Alexander stepping down. The executive detailed mounting frustration from across the business at the lack of progress under Tom’s leadership — and some dismay that the new chap taking over from Tom, Olaf Swantee, doesn’t quite […]

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T-Mobile UK: Do you still plan on spending cash with the News of the World? #notw

Today there’s a challenging conundrum sweeping the social media desks at big brands across the United Kingdom. The Corporate Communications Directors are — as I type — looking expectantly at their social media gurus, demanding answers. Yesterday’s revelations about the News of the World newspaper hacking the voicemail of a missing (and sadly, murdered) teenager […]

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