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VOIP-enabled Facebook chat from Vivox: Fantastic

Try this out…  I’ve just been using it and it’s utterly smart (the back-end service is provided by the chaps at Vivox): T-Mobile USA has launched itself onto Facebook, providing free VoIP calls between social networkers though the service is not yet integrated into the operators mobile network. Bobsled by T-Mobile is a VoIP application […]

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If an operator suffers a critical outage, should they refund customers?

On the 28th of March, T-Mobile Netherlands suffered a catastrophic network outage that resulted in millions of users having their phones transformed from communications devices into paperweights. From what I’ve been told, connectivity was offline for most of the business day. T-Mobile is refusing to offer any compensation citing ‘Force Majeure’. Now then — should […]

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T-Mobile’s Heathrow Flashmob premieres Friday at 2215 on Channel4

T-Mobile have done it again with their Flashmobbing. This time they are apparently welcoming home weary travellers arriving into Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5. Heh. A combined total of 28 million folk watched the last two flashmob videos (the Liverpool Street dance and the Trafalgar Square Karaoke event). And if you assume there’s about 60-70 million […]

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T-Mobile UK and the iPhone 4: Finally

Stuart over at Pocket-Lint has published an exclusive post detailing what he reckons is T-Mobile UK’s iPhone 4 pricing. He points out that the news isn’t yet confirmed from T-Mobile but that his source has been reliable in the past. Head over to his post to read all the pricing details. If true, it’s not […]

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T-Mobile UK will get the iPhone 4

If you’ve been sitting staring out the window as a T-Mobile UK customer for the past few years, watching all the cool kids swan around with their iPhones, I’ve got some good news for you. T-Mobile is getting the iPhone. There are precious few details available — here’s the official announcement in full: June 8 […]

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T-Mobile’s data dongle declared best in UK tests

Congratulations to the data team at T-Mobile UK who have been named Dongle on The Move Winner in the Broadband Genie Road Trip 2010 Awards. The chaps over at Broadband Genie took USB dongles from each of the major UK networks and tested them out during a two-day 350 mile road trip. They then subjected […]

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