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TechCrunch comes out in support of RIM! Well, sort of…

I’ve regularly discussed the role of the media in the growth and development of the mobile world. I often quote and display screenshots of examples highlighting just how (unwittingly) influential the media, particularly the tech blogosphere, can be when it comes to supporting one ecosystem or the other. A few years back Nokia more or […]

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British Startups: Stop talking and start doing

I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Techcrunch of late. They’ve been running some smart editorials and the one published yesterday by Paul Stamatiou (Co-Founder of Picplum) serves as an excellent reminder for startups everywhere, especially first time entrepreneurs. Paul’s message? Stop f*cking about. It’s not tongue-in-cheek. He’s serious and he sets out some […]

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40% of Android devices are returned… well, sort of, maybe

There’s a wee bit of a storm kicking off over at TechCrunch today because of comments from a source. First the introduction: It’s generally accepted that, on the aggregate, Android device sales will far outpace iOS sales year after year. However, there’s a dirty little secret about Android devices that most manufacturers are facing the […]

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My TechCrunch GeeknRolla presentation from yesterday: Beyond the iPhone

To everyone I met at yesterday’s TechCrunch GeeknRolla event, hello! And thank you everyone for taking the time to listen to my presentation. Here is the Slideshare: Ewan's Presentation for TechCrunch's GeeknRolla View more presentations from Mobile Industry Review. I’ll aim to write-up my experience shortly. (In summary: Fantastic). Thank you Patrick Smith of TechCrunch […]

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