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Twilio is now available in Italy!

I’m delighted to hear that Twilio’s European expansion continues at a breathtaking pace. As of today they’re now offering full services for Italy. That brings their total country count to 10. Thoroughly interesting for anyone looking to deploy cloud-based telephony services across Europe and the States.

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RIM’s BlackBerry Mobile Voice System: Voice over WiFi, PBX, SIP

I put the keywords SIP, PBX and WiFi in the above title to make sure that anyone interested in the subject gets stuck into this release. RIM are getting very serious about supporting voice over WiFi properly. Indeed today’s announcement of Mobile Voice System 5 introduces quite a few stimulating features sure to raise exciting […]

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The telephony service for the global mobile elite arrives in 2 weeks

Three lucky people will shortly begin using the world’s most advanced and most esoteric mobile VOIP and telephony service. And I’m one of them. Esoteric, meaning ‘only for the initiated’, is most definitely the description for this new service. It doesn’t have a name. It doesn’t need one. It’s mobile 3.0. Or telephony 10.0. This […]

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BBC’s computer generated map of British telephone calls

The BBC have been promoting a show called “Britain from Above” in which which they take telemetry from various trackable sources and generate fancy maps of our activities and, presumably, add a thick layer of social commentary. In the promo video linked below they show a few examples of air, land and sea movements but […]

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SME guide to buying telecoms now available

If you run a small or medium-sized business in the UK and are confused about how to get the best deal on your telecoms then help is at hand. The snappily titled ‘What To Look Out For And What To Watch Out For: Hints And Tips Guide To SME Telecoms & Mobile Procurement’ has now […]

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Truphone v4.0 adds ‘Truphone Anywhere’

Announced today, the newest release of Truphone – the VoIP solution for S60 handsets (iPhone is planned) Ewan discussed recently – has added an important feature to it’s existing WiFi-based features… routing calls over the mobile network itself via a local dial-in number or via a call-back mechanism. This allows people out of range of […]

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GotVoice launches G2 to rival SpinVox

GotVoice have gone live with it’s next-generation voicemail transcription service, “G2”, this week. The service is to be made available shortly to existing GotVoice subscribers — plus the company’s customers. G2 wasn’t knocked up in a few minutes. It’s carrier-grade, scalable and plug’n’playable into carrier networks as required. GotVoice are offering integration via API, white […]

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RebTel – 0.8p/min to the States

I think my eyesight was going nuts yesterday when I wrote the post on RebTel. I checked my account rates and saw it was what looked like 8 pence per minute. Not bad, I thought. Bit steep but, you know, not bad for the service level, especially when I can use my inclusive unlimited landline […]

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Vodafone UK’s international calls

After a lot of digging, I managed to find the right page to work out the costs of calling abroad from your UK Vodafone. It’s like having a flash back to 1997. 125 pence a minute to call the States from a standard Vodafone connection. More than a quid a minute! Buy the 2.50/month international […]

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Another look at RebTel

A while ago I thought I should take another look at RebTel. They got $20m worth of investment, after all (see RedHerring funding announcement). I wondered how they were doing. Armed with a new mobile number and, effectively, a new identity, I signed-up the other day when I needed to talk to a few people […]

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Mobile voice to eclipse fixed line in Western Europe by mid-2008

The writing’s been on the wall for quite a while…. Link: webitpr | Mobile voice volume will overtake fixed in Western Europe by mid-year; Analysys predicts telecoms milestone For the first time, the volume of mobile voice calls will exceed that on traditional fixed networks in Western Europe as a whole, says Analysys, global advisor […]

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