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The Daily Mail’s inspired postcard-by-mobile strategy: Hugmail (and it’s run by MIR favourites, Touchnote!)

It’s hard to fault The Daily Mail. Whatever your perspective on the paper’s politics or policies, the company is doing a phenomenal job. Only this week they’ve announced that they’ve beaten The New York Times to deliver the world’s number one daily news site. Mail Online is staggeringly smart. Whilst I will admit to wondering […]

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Touchnote is rocking my world once again

I felt like a bit of a broken record for the last little while when it came to Touchnote. The original iPhone app (version 1) was simply brilliant when it hit the App Store, but then I began to tire of the payments process. Touchnote wasn’t to blame per se, the stupid rules around the […]

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Touchnote’s got an all-new iPhone app coming soon!

I just got an email in from Touchnote’s top man, Raam Thakrar. Eagle-eyed readers will have noted the post I published earlier today about Postagram (from Sincerely), one of the newest entrants into the postcard marketplace. In my post, I commented that, from my viewpoint, Touchnote’s iPhone application has been left idling — given the […]

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Paul Burdin of Touchnote interviewed

Next on our video episodes from Unlimited Drinks is Paul Burdin, co-founder of Touchnote turning your pictures into real postcards on your mobile! In this video we asked Paul to tell us about his product and his experience of Unlimited Drinks. Over to Paul: Unlimited Drinks was kindly supported by Qualcomm — thank you very […]

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Touchnote embedded on millions of Sony Ericsson handsets

Embedding — where your application or service is preinstalled by a handset manufacturer or mobile operator — is one of the oft-forgotten tactics to Getting Big Fast in the mobile marketplace. For the lucky few, it really can be a phenomenal opportunity. So, it’s celebrations all round at Touchnote HQ — they’ve done a deal […]

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Jobs: BlackBerry Developer needed at Touchnote

Touchnote are a company that consistently impress all of us at Mobile Industry Review Towers. The cards they produce are a major talking point among my wife’s friends — and my gran/mum love them. They’re a simple and effective way to let someone know you care. Touchnote have got a kick-arse product and are already […]

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Vodafone’s Terence Eden joins Touchnote

Terence Eden made the move this week from Big Red and joins the multi-award winning Touchnote. Touchnote, if you recall, deliver your mobile photographs as physical postcards. A simply brilliant service that I use almost daily. Let’s talk Terence: Over his 7 year career at Vodafone, Terence has held multiple roles in product marketing and […]

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Touchnote is hunting for an Android developer

Got this mail in from Ed, Head of Mobile at Touchnote: Hi Ewan, Touchnote is looking for an Android developer to join the team for a 4-6 week project starting as soon as possible. We’re in the exciting phase of working with a major client and need additional team resource for the project. If you’re […]

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10x Champagne-Beta-Testers required by Touchnote

I heard from Ed Hodges, this morning. When he’s not setting the hearts of many a mobile industry female fluttering, Mr Hodges heads up Mobile for Touchnote. Touchnote needs some testing help from Nokia S60 users, specifically Nokia S60 3rd Edition users. They’ll pay you a bottle of Champagne (and, knowing Ed, it’ll be the […]

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