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Apps that changed the world: Twitter

In our series in apps that changed the world, perhaps the most obvious candidates are social media sites and apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Twitter has arguably had more of an impact on the way we use our mobiles, and reporting and influence on world events, so without further ado here’s a brief rundown of […]

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Brendon Craigie, CEO of Hotwire Group

Blowing the whistle on Twitter at SXSW

I’m delighted to publish this op-ed piece from Brendon Craigie, Hotwire Group CEO. Brendon was on site at SWXW (the lucky man, I’ve never made it yet!) and I asked him to summarise his experience from a social standpoint. Over to Brendon. – – – – – Each year thousands of people descend on Austin, […]

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Operators, it’s time for 24/7 Twitter service please

I took the above Instagr.am photo the other day when I was in Baltimore waiting to hop on a plane back to London. I obviously arsed around selecting all manner of different silly filters before deciding the one above was most appropriate. Why, I don’t know. That’s instagr.am for you. I snapped the photo as […]

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Follow-up: Silly Twitter competitions by mobile companies

Yesterday, I was distinctly unimpressed at witnessing how Motorola were executing their social media competition and posted this note as a result: Is giving a prize to celebrate follower numbers really silly? In the post, I wondered what noted social media expert James Whatley made of it. James is Engagement Strategy Director for 1000heads. He […]

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Is giving a prize to celebrate follower numbers really silly?

I’ve got a social media question for you this evening. Have a read of this tweet from MotoMobile: We’re nearing the 20,000 follower mark! To thank you for your support, we’re giving a Moto device to our 20,000th follower! Now the chaps behind the Moto twitter service are really smart. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying what […]

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A quick overview of Devnest #7 last night

Last night I headed over to the Sun Microsystems Customer Briefing Centre on King William Street, just down the road from the Bank of England, to the Twitter Developer event, Devnest. This was the 7th incarnation. As I walked along King William Street I looked in the window and by chance saw a rather vacant […]

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I’m speaking at Devnest #7 this evening in London – come along

I was invited to speak at the Twitter Developer Nest event tonight by Angus Fox, one of the organisers. He asked if I’d be willing to do a ‘state of the nation’ mobile applications presentation, but customise it to the audience of (desktopish) developers potentially interested in going mobile. “Bring it on!” I said. So […]

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Mobile Developer TV is heading to Paris

We haven’t launched officially yet (where ‘official’ = deciding on a logo, implementing the theme) but the diary is already choc-a-bloc here at Mobile Developer TV. We’re putting on an event this month in Paris, France. I’ll have more details soon — but I can say that the event will be in the last week […]

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