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Snappy Ubuntu Core

Snappy Ubuntu Core – powering the Internet of Things, robots and drones

Occasionally something comes along that could truly revolutionise the technology that we use everyday. Mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are ripe for innovation, and it’s just the start of a new era where everything is connected like never before. To realise that vision, “Snappy Ubuntu Core” is a platform that will power the next generation of smart devices. […]

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Mark Shuttleworth on the Ubuntu Mobile experience: “5 years after the iPhone, we needed to raise the bar”

It’s time now for the fifth episode of our exclusive video interview series with Ubuntu’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth. Yesterday we heard from Mark regarding the Ubuntu developer ecosystem and his intent to extend that to mobile. Today Mark talks briefly about the importance of user experience and how that’s factored into the design and production […]

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My first hands on walkthrough of Ubuntu Mobile

Ivo Weevers is Head of Design for Ubuntu. At tonight’s launch of Ubuntu Mobile in London, I managed to get Ivo on camera to give me a brief ‘hands on’ style walkthrough of the new platform. In the video you’ll see: – The personalised welcome screen experience – The left-hand app launcher – The camera […]

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