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Meteor reaches 1 million customers

A lot of the content here at MIR especially regarding the networks is heavily UK oriented, however I picked this up in my news feeds regarding one over the networks over the water in Ireland. Over at Mobile News they are reporting that Meteor reached 1 million customers earlier this month; Meteor chief executive Larry […]

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Review: Teleware PMN Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU)

If you’re a true telecoms geek (and lets face it, if you’re reading MIR, you’re well on your way) then you’ve thought, nay dreamed, about having your own private mobile network. Even for the non-techies amongst us (I’ve been told there are some), the allure of not having to pay any money to the Vodafones […]

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Aussie cops ask for cameraphone evidence

According to Aussie reports, cops in New South Wales are asking the public to submit photos or videos of crimes captured on cameraphones to the police to help them with their investigations. Users will then be able to upload the footage to the police over the internet. Apparently, the move was inspired by the London […]

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Nokia beats Qualcomm in UK court fight

Nokia has bested Qualcomm in the ongoing fight over patents here in Blighty. A high court judge yesterday ruled the disputed Qualcomm GSM patents invalid and said Nokia doesn’t need to compensate Qualcomm for them. The defeat follows an International Trade Commission decision last week to turn down Qualcomm’s petition for review of Judge Luckern’s […]

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BT shedding more mobile customers

According to The Times, BT’s mobile users are at an all time low. Not in the emotional sense, just numerically. The paper says that there are now only 86,000 people with BT as their mobile provider, the lowest amount since the telco’s numbers started. It’s not really a great surprise, given BT hasn’t had its […]

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Judge Rules in Broadcom vs. Qualcomm

A Federal California judge has ruled in the patent infringement case between Broadcom and Qualcomm. Broadcom claims that Qualcomm is infringing on three patents, covering WCDMA chips, EV-DO chips, and technology around mobile video compression, walkie-talkie services, and simultaneous network connections. The judge decided that Qualcomm has to immediately stop shipping all 3G/WCDMA chips infringing […]

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The iPhone Is NOT The Best Music Phone

I’ve recently gotten my mitts on a 4GB iPhone for testing and because I’m a geek. I’ve been playing with it for a few days, but the first thing I’ve come to realize is that it’s far from the ultimate music phone. The problem is not in getting music ON the phone (which is where […]

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MyStrands and MTV Hooked Up For New Years

Over at the MyStrands blog, they’ve announced the cool news that they’ve hooked it up with MTV for the New Years 2007 celebration in Times Square, New York City. Partiers in Times Square will be able to use their handsets to send messages, answer trivia, and vote on music and videos on MTV’s massive 44.5 […]

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Verizon Feeling Green This Season

Verizon Wireless wants your old useless handset this holiday season. They’re calling out to anyone who found a new mobile in their stocking this year to bring their old stuff up to any Verizon Wireless location to donate it. Verizon will use the phones in their HopeLine Phone Recycling Program, which uses handsets and funds […]

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Mobile Gaming Is Getting Innovative

I’m fascinated with the idea of mobile gaming, and fully believe that it’s a massive market opportunity. I’m seeing more and more ways to game on your mobile, and I wanted to highlight two of them today – NokMote and PSX4iPhone. NokMote was released right around Christmas by an independent developer. He’s doing some really […]

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Welcome To The No-Cell Zone

I spent this past weekend in Abilene, TX, at my fiance’s grandparent’s house. They live slightly out of town, on the lake. I was warned on the way out there that I would be without service, as they live out of town, but I shook that off, since Christina previously had a Sprint cellphone, and […]

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