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Spinvox Missing a Speechmobber

Regular SMS Text News contributor and SpinVox employee James Whatley gave me a nudge this morning telling me that the SpinVox blog may be down for a few days over the Christmas break for a facelift. Don’t fret, it should be back up in short order come New Years, which is great, but then I […]

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Yahoo Mobilizes in Latin America

Yahoo! has announced a partnership with America Movil to bring mobile services to customers across 16 countries in Latin America. America Movil will be using Yahoo! OneSearch as the default serach service across its wireless services, and Yahoo gets big access to Latin America. With 143 MILLION wireless users throughout Latin America, America Movil is […]

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ZED Launches XmasMaker, Send Christmas MMS

Zed Group has created a special app for the holidays, dubbed ‘XmasMaker’. It’s simple, really. Instead of writing a “Merry Christmas” SMS and then sending it to everyone in your phonebook, the Zed XmasMaker allows you to send an MMS. Not just any ordinary MMS, mind you, but a photo – taken with your phone […]

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Windows Live Is Dead On AT&T’s Treo 750

The Palm Treo 750 was gifted with an update earlier this year, offering Windows Mobile 6 and a few other enhancements to AT&T customers. A few of the features of the updated include general speed enhancements, along with better sync support for Vista desktops and support for Microsoft’s direct push technology. Oh yeah, and AT&T […]

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Nokia N82 Available For Brits For Christmas

Reports are coming in that the Nokia N82 is showing up online at the Nokia UK online shop, as well as at Carphone Warehouse. The N82 was announced not too long ago in Finland, and brings back the classic Nokia candybar form factor. The phone is an imaging powerhouse, with a 5 megapixel camera with […]

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Israel To Allow Palestinians To Setup 2nd Cellular Network

The Associated Press reports that Palestinians will soon be allowed to setup a 2nd cellular network. Israel controls all of the cellphone frequencies in the West Bank and Gaza, and have repeatedly turned down requests from Palestine to be able to set up a 2nd wireless network, to meet demand. The change in heart from […]

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Nokia Doing More Product Placement In Movies?

James Burland’s sharp eye noticed that Nokia’s doing more product placement in movies these days. The latest is in JJ Abrams’ ‘Cloverfield’, set to debut soon. The trailer features a black Nokia N76, and a pink Nokia 7373 (from their 2nd Fashion Series). Personally, this is something that I don’t think we see enough of, […]

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Babelfish for Phones Possible?

It might be a stretch, but Google has introduced new Bots for its Google Talk service that will automatically translate IM conversations on the fly. For it to work, both chatters must add the appropriate bot to the conversation, and off it goes. For instance, if I wanted to chat with someone in Germany, I […]

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FCC Offers Up Applicant List For Upcoming Auction

The FCC has released lists of the applicants for the upcoming 700MHz auction, to take place in January. The auction is for blocks of the 700MHz frequency that will be vacated as the United States moves to mandated digital TV broadcasts. Interestingly enough, there are 2 lists. The first list is companies that have submitted […]

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iPhone Causing Huge Data Overages?

Over at the Financial Times, they’ve got some dirt that Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson has been added to the Disgustingly High Roaming Bills rank, thanks to his trusty iPhone. Seems that on a recent foreign trip, Anderson had his iPhone powered on in his pocket, and forgot to disable the email app, which was connecting […]

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Verizon Teaming Up With NCAA For Mobile Bowl Game Broadcasts

Verizon Wireless has teamed up with the NCAA to be able to offer full coverage of the 2008 college bowl games to subscribers of their MediaFLO-powered VCAST Mobile TV service. Starting with the Poinsetta Bowl on December 20th and going through to the GMAC Bowl on January 6th, Verizon VCAST Mobile TV customers can tune […]

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