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Happy Friday, Have Some Drum Ringtones

It’s Friday, and what better way to celebrate than a few classic ringtones to take you down memory lane? Only, these ringtones have a really nice sound, as they’re accompanied by Italian drummer Andrea Vadrucci (aka Vadrum). This guy totally goes to town to a medley of memorable ringtones, and you can’t help but watch […]

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18 questions to Scott Stonham, VP of Product Marketing at Miyowa

Miyowa, the mobile instant messaging geniuses, recently hired Scott Stonham as their VP of Product Marketing. I’ve been following Miyowa for quite a while particularly since they’re focused on educating and assisting the behemoth mobile operators of our fair planet understand and implement mobile instant messaging for their subscribers. I always enjoy seeing how people […]

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15 questions to Ian Price, Managing Director of Broca

Broca, the secure messaging specialists, have been coming across my radar frequently across the last few months so I thought it would be rather good to put some questions to their top man, Ian Price (Managing Director). Here we go! 1. What was your first handset and network? It was a BT issue phone – […]

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Q&A with Alfie Dennen on new service CityClickers

Alfie and his team have just gone live with CityClickers — a pan-European moblogging service launched in conjunction with the LG Viewty. I grabbed him for a few minutes and fired these questions at him to answer: 1. What is CityClickers? City Clickers is a Pan European moblogging competition, asking people to send in images […]

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Martin Smith, forged in the fire of UK Tech PR

I first met Martin Smith (right) Co-Founder of Frith PR (and it’s parent, Sonus PR) on a cold day in October when I was hunting for advice on positioning one of my companies. Since then (and after a very successful acquisition driven by super PR), I’ve referred many a mobile or telecoms related business to […]

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Ben Harvey: What happens when you go 88 miles an hour…

Ben Harvey returns with his weekly Friday afternoon column – and this week he’s looking into his crystal ball and making some predictions for the future. – – – – Looking back through the history of mobile telephony always reminds me of those terribly clichéd film montages of time-travel; you know the ones – pages […]

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One of those days…

After talking about his experience with mobile phone retailers last week, SMS Text News reader Ben Harvey is back with a little Friday afternoon entertainment. Just don’t ask him about his day… – – – – – – I’m having one of those days. Like it or not, you and your mobile are partners and, […]

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Orange and their corporate bull

Courtesy of this week’s edition of celeb gossip email Popbitch .. Orange are preparing a novel Glastonbury competition. They have a bull fitted with GPS in a field in Cornwall, which is divided into squares. Guess which square the bull is in at mid-day each day for two weeks before the festival and you could win tickets. […]

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It’s all about that reassuring ‘clunk’..

Me (Alex) and Ewan (Ewan) were sitting in the pub last night, as you do, having a catch-up and a few beers. Or rather, I was having a beer and Ewan was demonstrating his insatiable appetite for orange juice and lemonade. We’d had our mobile handsets out on the table for a while, showing each […]

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You send a tingle down my spine, when your phone is near..

Link: BBC NEWS | Scotland | Tayside and Central | Students create ‘sensual’ phones I couldn’t resist a quick blog post about this. Students from the College of Art, Science and Engineering’s product design course have created six phones to support “intimacy and sensuality”. They include the Aware, which sends a tingle down your back […]

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