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Sony Ericsson’s genius LiveView gets updates

Sony Ericsson’s LiveView concept is a genius, genius idea. A small watch-like screen that sits on your wrist, connected to your phone, easily programmable by third-party developers. The possibilities are flipping endless. Do you want it to be a watch? A calendar view? A remote camera? But there’s been a bit of frustration amongst some […]

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The INQ1 gets an update

At a small (but select) gathering tonight INQ – the makers of the ‘social’ handset the INQ1 – that grew out of the operator Three announced ‘Update 1’, an over-the-air refresh of the INQ1’s application suite which makes a number of improvements and feature-additions.  These improve Windows Live Messenger performance, give better general stability, pre-cache […]

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Truphone update

I had a quick catch up with Geraldine Wilson, CEO at Truphone, this morning to see what their plans are over the next few months. Now that Truphone supports multiple handset software platforms a lot of work is going into making the user experience and functionality as consistent as possible across all handsets. This is […]

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The INQ1 from 3 – speaker failure update

The internal speaker on my INQ1 failed so I couldn’t hear the other party without switching to the external speaker. I phoned 3 and was pleasantly surprised how quickly they agreed it was a hardware failure and would have to go back to them. I phoned them on Friday, received a prepaid Royal Mail Special […]

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The INQ1 from 3 – update

Well, my INQ1 has now died. The internal speaker doesn’t work – to hear the other party you have to switch to the loudspeaker. 3 are sending me a returns pack and promise to turn it around in three days. We’ll see … Coming after the variable performance of the INQ1’s applications this hardware failure […]

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MIR Twitter update –> Ewan is @ew4n

As per comments in the recent Twitter Debate post, as of today we’re separating the site from the man (me) on our Twitter feed. Most of the followers on our @MIReview Twitter feed do so because they want updates from Mobile Industry Review. Specifically, updates whenever we post an article. You don’t need to know […]

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Apple’s iPhone gets an update

The latest fix for the iPhone has just arrived, version 2.2 hits the Google streets from today. The new firmware update includes the likes of Google Street View, with public transport guides and walking directions. These allow virtual walking tours at street level for one, with the ability to check transport timetables too. Although not […]

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MIR Show – OTA update of T-Mobile G1

If you missed the end of this week’s video featuring the G1 firmware updating over the air — and then our very own Dan Lane taking the battery out mid-update — here’s the full vid. The end of it corrupted rather horribly during the upload on Monday. Over The Air (“OTA”) update of the T-Mobile […]

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