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Flirtomatic users send each other REAL underwear and roses!

This Valentines Day, Flirtomatic has taken a step out of the virtual world and into reality. You know they ran a phenomenally successful campaign a while ago whereby users could user their paid credits to send each other virtual pints — that could then be redeemed in a pub for a real one? Flirto sold […]

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Nokia 5800 users.. ShoZu is coming shortly

For all those about to find themselves sporting the Nokia 5800 handset (launched officially here in the UK on Friday), don’t panic. MIR’s James Whatley has it via Twitter from ShoZu that their Nokia app will be live and downloadable in a few weeks time. They’re just tweaking the UI as a result of the […]

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OrangePartnerCampWatch: More facts and figures

In wrapping up the event this week and after sitting through more meetings than we care to remember, Orange presented some more figures that we thought we’d pass along. These go on to highlight just how well they’ve done in the past year alone, with the culmination of stats that ended in September this year. […]

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Google Talk users now connected by text message

Let’s assume you’re having a productive conversation with a colleague via Google Talk, right? Then you need to go out. Away from your computer. You’ve got your handset with you but it’s a rubbish one that doesn’t do Google Talk or anything other than phoning or texting (think Motorola RAZR). How do you continue the […]

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Flirtomatic users to now flirt with Sharpcards’ content

Flirtomatic, UK’s leading flirting service has today announced its partnership with Sharpcards, the global pioneer in enhanced mobile messaging. As a part of the agreement, Sharpcards will provide its content to over 900,000 of Flirtomatic users, while still holding the mobile licensing rights of its content. An initial trial of the same was undertaken by […]

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3 has one million mobile broadband users in Europe

Kudos to 3. They led the way, in the UK at least, with the tenner-a-month USB mobile broadband revolution. This shows demand is strong for mobile broadband in all 3’s territories, including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Austria… … says the press release I got in this morning. Christian Salbaing, MD of European […]

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24% of Apple iPhone users upgraded from a Motorola RAZR

JD Power have released a study of 20,000 mobile phone users in the States. It makes for interesting reading — and Arc Chart have the gossip here. However Giff from i2SMS noted a key stat (in the same piece at Arc Chart, this time referencing a study by Rubicon Consulting): 24% — or, almost a […]

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