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Rio Caraeff, CEO of Vevo talks at MIPTV 2011

Rio Caraeff introduces Vevo at Connected Creativity, MIPTV 2011. Vevo is a music distribution platform focused on providing video on any place and platform. Owned by the world’s largest entertainment companies, Vevo works with artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rhianna making content available to everyone. More from Rio:

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Aviv Goren of SundaySky demonstrates video bill technology

Here is an interesting video from Ewan’s recent visit at Amdocs Miami. Over to Ewan: I popped by the SundaySky stand at the Amdocs InTouch 2011 event to meet Aviv Goren. One of the company’s key products is video bill technology that automatically creates a personalised overview video of your latest bill. It’s aimed at […]

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Whan Stransom of System Concepts

Continuing our video episodes from the most recent Unlimited Drinks event, next up is Whan Stransom. Whan, as a senior consultant at System Concepts is focused on user experience and helping people embrace technology. In this video we asked Whan to talk to us about the importance of user involvement in the design of products […]

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Darryl Ashing of Ashings.com

Continuing our video episodes from last week’s Unlimited Drinks, next up is Darryl Ashing. Darryl is a very, very useful chap. There comes a time in all budding entrepreneurial careers when the realities of cash flow begin to hit home only too vividly. Darryl, as founder of Ashings Chartered Accountants, is your man. It’s better […]

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Keld van Schreven of Diary.com

Continuing our video episodes from last week’s Unlimited Drinks, next up is Keld van Schreven. I’ve known Keld a long time (as he touches upon in the video) so it was super to see him at the event discussing his all new startup, Diary.com. It does what-it-says-on-the-tin: Online diary management that syncs with almost everything. […]

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Dominic Travers of Future Platforms

Right then! It’s time to publish the video interviews from last week’s simply brilliant Unlimited Drinks networking event in London. We took the camera equipment along to the event to capture a few people for posterity. The concept was simple — stand in front of the camera and tell us about yourself. Briefly. Of course […]

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Meet Richard, co-founder of TweetALondonCab

I’ve been following the growth and success of the phenomenon that is TweetALondonCab for some time now so it was brilliant to be able to capture co-founder Richard Cudlip on camera today at the Microsoft-BlueVia event. Richard was there to talk about his organisation’s new arrangement with the upcoming Taxi service, TaxiStop (see the next […]

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Video: My Abroadband SIM has arrived

My Abroadband SIM arrived yesterday — finally. DHL tried to deliver it just a few days after I placed the order but there was no one home hence the delay. I’m delighted to say that it’s everything I expected: Clear packaging, simple instructions, evidently the output of a team of smart people who’ve really thought […]

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ThirdPresence: How to make sure your video plays on 5,000+ mobile devices

I’ve just come across a rather interesting service from ThirdPresence. Their service fixes a key nightmare for a lot of organisations: Getting video working on mobile devices. Almost every modern mobile phone is capable of playing video. The problem is, they all play different formats and different resolutions. That’s why most people simply format their […]

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Apple > You

It won’t be long before another Apple press conference will be upon us. Next week’s announcement appears to be a run-of-the-mill carrier announcement (even though it’s Verizon). But we’ll hopefully be treated to another one of Apple’s finest soon. Meanwhile, I was looking through the traffic logs today and saw this post (“Apple iPhone 4: […]

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