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How many mobile operators treat your voicemail like an irrelevant after-thought?

I’ve written extensively on voicemail. It’s a pretty boring topic most of the time. It took an enlightening and fundamentally inspiring conversation with Hullomail‘s CEO, Andy Munarriz to get me really excited about the subject. I even ended up producing a 4-part series on The Future of Voicemail, kindly supported by the Hullomail team. In […]

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T-Mobile UK: Do you still plan on spending cash with the News of the World? #notw

Today there’s a challenging conundrum sweeping the social media desks at big brands across the United Kingdom. The Corporate Communications Directors are — as I type — looking expectantly at their social media gurus, demanding answers. Yesterday’s revelations about the News of the World newspaper hacking the voicemail of a missing (and sadly, murdered) teenager […]

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Part 4, Andy Munarriz of HulloMail

The Future of Voicemail I’ve been getting emails from people wondering when the next episode in the Future of Voicemail Series was going live. Tah dah! It’s here. Episode 4 features the co-founder of HulloMail, Andy Munarriz. Andy’s no stranger to Mobile Industry Review — indeed we first interviewed him on camera about two years […]

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HulloMail update their iPhone app

The chaps over at HulloMail (kind sponsors of the Future of Voicemail video series here on MIR) have released the next version of their iPhone application. I got a sneak peak when I popped into the HulloMail offices a few weeks ago and they’ve done some nice refinement. Here are the latest updates: – NEW! […]

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The Future of Voicemail Video Series: Introduction

The Future of Voicemail Video Series is coming shortly to Mobile Industry Review. For a long time I’ve been pondering the possibilities of the medium of voicemail. For years it’s been overlooked. We all rely on it daily, yet I’m sure hardly any of us give it more than a cursory glance once every few […]

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Skip the queue: Pibbix Voicemail Transcription invite codes

I’ve got 5 shiny Pibbix Voicemail invite codes to give away. If you’d like one, drop me a note pronto: ewan@mobileindustryreview.com and I’ll send you one. The code helps you skip the sign-up queue as they’re strictly limiting access during their beta period. If you’re looking for a SpinVox replacement that’s actually a trillion times […]

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Pibbix Voicemail: Your business critical voice transcription service

Pibbix Voicemail is here. You probably haven’t heard of them before, but you’re going to start hearing a lot more about them shortly. They’re a small telephony-focused startup that I’ve been following for quite some time. Their first product is Pibbix Voicemail. At first glance, it’s a terrifically simple system. It’s what’s coming next that’s […]

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Looking at the future of voicemail

For a long time, I’ve been mulling the possibility of creating a video series on the future of voicemail. Indeed, on the face of it, absolutely nothing has changed to my standard mobile operator voicemail service since I got my first mobile handset, decades ago. I can store — what? — 10 voicemail messages at […]

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VoxSciences will keep SpinVox users connected

After my post yesterday about HulloMail, SpinVox users about to be switched off might like to check out the voice-to-text service from VoxSciences. Unlike SpinVox, VoxSciences are profitable — although the facility is not free of charge. There are two basic service plans: I know quite a few readers who are utterly delighted with their […]

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