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VOIP-enabled Facebook chat from Vivox: Fantastic

Try this out…  I’ve just been using it and it’s utterly smart (the back-end service is provided by the chaps at Vivox): T-Mobile USA has launched itself onto Facebook, providing free VoIP calls between social networkers though the service is not yet integrated into the operators mobile network. Bobsled by T-Mobile is a VoIP application […]

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RIM’s BlackBerry Mobile Voice System: Voice over WiFi, PBX, SIP

I put the keywords SIP, PBX and WiFi in the above title to make sure that anyone interested in the subject gets stuck into this release. RIM are getting very serious about supporting voice over WiFi properly. Indeed today’s announcement of Mobile Voice System 5 introduces quite a few stimulating features sure to raise exciting […]

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Truphone’s targeted marketing on British Airways

I did the online check-in with British Airways earlier today for the flight to Barcelona and was surprised and delighted to see some brilliantly targeted marketing from Truphone. On the same page as the boarding pass is this advertisement: Nice. Very, very smart. It makes a lot of sense given you can actually purchase on […]

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Giving serious thought to Truphone’s Local Anywhere product

I’m heading to the States shortly — then Barcelona — and I’m therefore strongly considering trying out Truphone’s Local Anywhere package. I’ve a strong affinity to simply walking into a T-Mobile USA shop and picking up some sim cards, but I do think I should check out the service and see what it’s like. I’ve […]

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Google Apps for your PBX: In stealth and coming soon

Calling all investors looking for a mobile business that’s poised to address a massive user-base both in the United Kingdom and internationally! I’ve been advising a small company that I guarantee you’ll never have heard of. They’re one of those firms that I suspect will come out of nowhere and run away with their chosen […]

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News in from Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Truphone

I had this note in from Truphone‘s CEO, Geraldine Wilson, to update us on their news. Have a read: – – – – – Dear Ewan, You’ve said you’re a “long time fan of Truphone,” so you might be interested in our latest news: Eleven more Nokia handset models – including the N96 and the […]

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