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Apple’s MobileMe – .Mac by any other name?

Apple’s also introduced a companion service to go with the new 3G iPhone, called MobileMe – a cloud storage service that looks like a revamped version of its old .Mac product. In short, MobileMe will give you remote access to your Mail, Contacts and Calendar, as well as photos and documents using a series of […]

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The 10 most popular UK mobile sites are…

Opera has been touting its latest research into the state of the mobile web and aside from pointing out that Opera Mini is now the most used mobile browser out there, it’s been taking a look at some of the content preferences for mobile surfers. Here’s what the report says: Tracking the type of content […]

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Adobe makes web development free

Adobe is making some serious moves into corralling the mobile development market. It’s just announced its latest plan for mobile domination, called the Open Screen Project, with a series of big-name partner like Cisco, Intel, LG, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo, Qualcomm, and the BBC all getting involved. Adobe says the project is aimed at “enabling a […]

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China Mobile, Softbank, Voda team on widgets

Vodafone has decided to team up with China Mobile and Japanese operator Softbank – formerly Vodafone’s Japanese arm – to create a new lab charged with developing new tech, services and applications. Unsuprisingly, it’s web based services that will receive the bulk of the attention, including widgets that should be compatible with any handset or […]

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Mobile web dead or just sleeping?

Mowser was a browser that would take sites designed for the web and render them for mobiles, launched last year. I say was, because its founder, Russell Beattie has decided to pull the plug after struggling to find funding. Aside from his debts, Beattie said on his blog that he decided to stop development on […]

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Proof Apple iPhone users can’t get enough mobile content

A new survey has confirmed what most people have already been talking about anecdotally: that iPhone users are massive consumers of mobile web content. According to the latest bit of research from M:Metrics, 85 percent of iPhone users accessed news and information on their device during January, compared to the average of 58 percent for […]

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Microsoft signs Adobe’s Flash Lite for Windows Mobiles

So, just weeks after Microsoft announced it was bringing Silverlight to Nokia mobiles, the software giant has gone and struck a deal with Adobe to bring rival rich media software Flash Lite to Windows Mobiles. Microsoft has licensed Flash Lite “to enable web browsing of Flash Player compatible content within the Internet Explorer Mobile browser […]

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