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The T-Mobile G1: The Whatley Response

Morning Folks, Happy New Year from yours truly and what not. I had a brief moment yesterday (while chilling out in front of my laptop) when I came across Ed Hodges’ MIR post covering his thoughts on the G1. Some of you may remember that back in November, Ed himself was there when I first […]

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Nokia N97: The Whatley POV

So, the Nokia N97 eh? What do you think of THAT?! Me? Hmm… Well, you all know what I thought of the last Nseries I laid my hands on and so when it comes to the newly announced Nokia N97, I approached with a certain amount of trepidation… And my initial impressions? – I’m maybe […]

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The Nokia N96: Face the Task

If you buy a Nokia N96 you only have yourself to blame. Before we go on, please note – if you are new to this site – understand that Nokias are my thing. Resident expert if you will. This is my opinion and I give it freely to you, the lovely readers of Mobile Industry […]

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Whatley on Wednesday returns tomorrow

James Whatley used to write a mobile related diatribe each Wednesday for us — but we put a stop to that when we started getting busy with the podcasts and video work. But Whatley comes out of retirement tomorrow with 1,700 words on the Nokia N96. And you’ll want to read this one, particularly if […]

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BBC iPlayer on the N95

Howdy folks, Whatley here… Haven’t written anything for a while, but this is something I just had to share. I just got back from filming the latest edition of the Mobile Industry Review Show (live from the T-Mobile event) and I was about to go to bed when I found this video in my Google […]

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A tech evangelist’s perspective on the o2/CPW saga

Please note: The following is James Whatley’s personal opinion and not necessarily those of his employer, Spinvox. Hello folks, If you haven’t read Ben Jennings’ excellent post on his view of how to deal with the iPhone debacle, then go and do that now. This post is related. How? …I’ll tell you. It was with […]

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Stop! The Apple Store can’t sell iPhones!

Alrighty, Whatley here – I just got a call from our man on the street, Dan Lane – (that’ll be the new version of Nokia PC Suite) Bless Dan… I almost feel sorry for him. After hearing that the Apple Store might have some iPhones to sell – our hero decamped to Regent Street to […]

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The Mobile Geek of Glastonbury – The Gadgets

Evening readers, Whatley here, writing this on my laptop en route to Pilton for the festival that is known as Glastonbury. As you know from my last post, the multitude of tools available to the modern day, festival going mobile geek really is quite something… So here, for your pleasure, is a quick rundown of […]

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Nokia open up about Symbian

Morning readers, Whatley here, just got this over MSN from a friend of mine at Nokia; “Hey Whatley, we are buying Symbian and will donate it + S60 to an open source foundation!” To which my response was a resounding – “Eh?” You can read the official Nokia press releases here and here Now, I’m […]

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The Mobile Geek of Glastonbury

Greetings readers, your friendly neighbourhood Whatley here; While some of us are off gallivanting around the Maldives… sorry, ahem… A DESERT ISLAND …other bloggers, like myself, have to make do with the festival season to amuse themselves here back in the UK. And what better festival other than the Mother of all festivals: Glastonbury! 🙂 […]

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Whatley on the iPhone: “Meh. Next.”

Now that the iPhone’s out and there’s no more arsing about with guesswork, we’ll be bringing you a lot of opinions about the release. It’s all too tempting to view the iPhone as the second coming (well, it is 2.0) but the reality is that Nokia alone have, what, 700m handsets out there. iPhone is […]

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