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My internet connection; Vonage

I’m 30 miles from London in a suburban, reasonably small commuter town with a high street, three high schools, a park, a swimming pool and three golf courses nearby. The town isn’t big enough to warrant it’s own area code. Instead it shares the code with its much larger companion, Brentwood. On all ADSL maps, […]

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Skype Zones – unlimited wifi for £4.20 a month

Update: Yeah, this is total bollocks unfortunately. Check out this post for the update. Link: Introducing Skype Zones – Skype in United Kingdom Ever tried logging onto the net in a public hotspot? If so, the cost may have surprised you. That’s ‘surprised” as in ‘made you snort food out your nose in horror”. At […]

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T-Mobile UK Wireless Hotspot service for a tenner a month – existing customers only

Link: T-Mobile (UK) :: customer services Check out this totally consumer friendly text promoting the T-Mobile unlimited hotspot deal. Seriously this is the text they’re using to market it. £10 price plan for existing customersWe will register and check your details with credit reference agencies to help us make credit decisions about you. On acceptance, […]

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Techdirt: Starbucks Managers Begging To Free Up The WiFi

Link: Techdirt Corporate Intelligence: Techdirt Wireless – Starbucks Managers Begging To Free Up The WiFi It doesn’t take an economic genius to figure out that charging for WiFi is a dead end model when the competition is giving it away for free. While many of the restaurants and cafes offering free WiFi are singing its […]

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WiFi in hotels overpriced, WiFi in Starbucks 100% ridiculous

ZDNet – Hotel Wi-Fi rates slammed The Good Hotel Guide 2007 has named and shamed hotels that charge the earth for Wi-Fi access, but analysts suggest they may still be good value compared with mobile data roaming charges Seriously! If it wasn’t for The Cloud, I’d be forced to pay similarly stupid daily rates at […]

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Update on The Cloud

Connected with Duncan via The Cloud support line. Turns out that the router here in the pub needed a reboot. Duncan called the pub lady who duly kicked/rebooted the router. That allowed the rooter to connect to the authorisation system. Alas my username has (temporarily) stopped working. That’s a secondary issue. Duncan gave me a […]

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More Wi-Fi wanted; T-Mobile costs stupid

Link: Punters want more Wi-Fi hotspots . Have a read of this text that Alex spotted on The Inquirer: UK PEOPLE apparently want Wi-Fi access from more places, according to a report from T-Mobile. The report said more than half of punters want information when they are on the train and a quarter wanted access […]

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My FON router update

No one’s used my FON router yet.  I think this is because I live in a totally backward little town.  It’d be half exciting to see a few geeks sat out at the edge of the driveway with their laptops using the FON service.  Although no doubt I’d be a little bit put out if […]

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