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The Cloud has the most abysmal mobile payments gateway ever (WorldPay). Please recommend an alternative to help them see the light!

This evening I was stuck at Waterloo for at least 45 minutes. The train I’d expected to take was cancelled. No biggie. I decided to wait. Waterloo is a pretty good station with some reasonable facilities. I remembered I needed to download another episode of The Killing (Series 2). Often, the 15-minute free option of […]

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Can operators become your WiFi concierge partner?

There’s been a lot of talk about mobile operators and WiFi across the years. I still remember when Orange insisted that Nokia factory disable the VoIP portion of the Nokia N95s for their subscribers, just in case they used the WiFi and VoIP features to hurt call revenues. The data capacity crunch changed things somewhat, […]

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Vodafone + BT Openzone = Umm?

I am a Vodafone customer. Three SIMs: one mobile phone, and two iPads. The latter (apparently) come with BT Openzone access as standard (look, it says it on the website). They’re all registered to the same account and therefore, when I’m in a 2G area or, better yet, out and about with my laptop, and […]

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Top Tips for staying connected at Mobile World Congress 2012

With MWC just about a week away, it’s time now to get your personal communications plan sorted. I asked Christian Gunning, Director of Corporate Communications at Boingo Wireless for his suggestions. Over to you Christian: – – – – – Attending Mobile World Congress is a bit like weathering the perfect storm for wireless power users. […]

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5,000 event WiFi users consumed 1TB of data in 4 days

I wanted to document this separately just so I’ve got a record of it. If you think that event WiFi is one of those ‘meh, maybe’ things that nobody bothers using, think again. Have a read of this: According to Max Wi-Fi, 989GB of data was transferred over the four days across nearly 5,000 devices. […]

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Virgin Media grows a good pair of WiFi balls

I was delighted to see that Virgin Media’s CEO, Neil Berkett, is aiming to ‘take a punt’ on London-wide-WiFi (quoted in The Telegraph). About flipping time. Save us from BT-flipping-Openzone. Anyone who wants to charge PER MINUTE for dog-slow-rubbish-paltry-almost-helpful WiFi service deserves some serious competition. It is utter shite, BT Openzone. I don’t think I’ve […]

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