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Come on Nokia, set the market alight!

Well it’s going to be an interesting Friday. I was absolutely delighted to hear from one hugely respected source that Nokia will announce Windows Phone 7 support on Friday. Yesteday, a whole load of other sources confirmed the same. The precise nature of the Windows Phone 7 announcement is unclear at the moment. Are we […]

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Finally Nokia is getting attention from the West

It’s nice to see Nokia sentiment from the Western media temporarily switched to positive. Or at least almost-positive. You’ll have no doubt been tracking the various different opinions zooming around the marketplace (Nokia must do Android, Nokia must do Microsoft, Nokia must hold fast with Symbian & MeeGo). It’s good to see the company getting […]

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Windows Phone team co-operating with jailbreakers

I think this can only be good news for the Windows Phone platform. I particularly like the T-Shirt (photo via the link below). Writing on their blog yesterday, Rafael Rivera, Chris Walsh, and Long Zheng have revealed what they can (outside of the NDA they voluntarily signed) about the 2 days of meetings, and are […]

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Microsoft sells 1.5 million Windows Phones in 6 weeks: Nice!

Congratulations all round to the team at Microsoft’s Windows Phone team. As I suspected, the consumer has reacted warmly to the platform’s simplicity, nice looking handsets and keen pricing. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly winning legions of admirers. Wherever I took the Samsung Omnia 7 or HTC HD7, it drew many-a-glance. […]

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Three’s Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone Rocks

Well then I’ve now had the Samsung Omnia 7 from Three for just under a fortnight and I’m very much enjoying the Windows Phone experience. This has been aided in no small part by the riotous Three data network upon which the Omnia has been screaming with joy. Seeing the 3G+ icon and watching the […]

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Windows Phone 7: Apple has a problem

I’ve generally held off commenting on Windows Phone beyond occasionally pointing out that it’s conceivable the company could deliver a decent experience. I’ve also made it clear that I would like Microsoft to have success, especially given the skewed nature of the industry’s obsession with Apple. We really need good competition in the marketplace — […]

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LG’s Optimus 7 range is looking nice

What a difference a few years makes, eh? 2 years ago I was going nuts at the LG Renoir launch, dismayed by the built-in limitations of the phone’s proprietary operating system yet delighted at the phone’s brilliant specifications. Sort out the operating system and all of a sudden, the devices get a lot more interesting. […]

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Orange UK will handle your Windows Phone 7 needs

For years, Orange have worked closely with Microsoft (and HTC) to deliver Windows Mobile phones to the UK marketplace — indeed I reckon I’ve paid Orange at least 10,000 pounds over the past — what — 8 years or so — because of their Windows Mobile deals. It’s not just me though. Orange has sold […]

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